Wedding playlist wanted!!!

Hey ladies

Has anyone got a wedding playlist for their wedding, any playlist would be great!

I'm having a headache over completing a playlist. I'm stuck!

Staci x


  • Haven't even thought about this as we are just having a Cd for the ceremony and reception! Eep
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    Hey mrshughes2013

    That Is a great idea, but we have hired a DJ so just trying to find songs for the reception! It's driving me mad!
  • I set up an account on U tube and everytime I hear a song I like during the day at work, I find it on there and add it to a playlist. This way we can remember all the songs we like and the H2B can listen to them as well. Also got some of our old favs on there as well
  • I'm compiling a playlist for H2B's ipod for when he gets ready on the big day. I've tried to pick song with lyrics that mean something or just love songs - one of our favourite songs is Bruno Mars - Marry you and since he loves Kylie i'll have to put one of her tracks on! I have a book that i carry around with me for all my wedding ideas and when i hear a song playing that i like i jot it down - I've got about 21 songs so far. I've seen some playlists on wedding blogs if you google search them maybe?
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    If your DJ has asked you for a playlist remember it is your personal choice. The DJ should have met you but not perhaps your guests. If you are unsure just say. A good DJ will always offer some choice if only to be polite but should have a wealth of experience.

    More often than not I find most people really don't quite know. A skilled DJ can usually read the floor quite well on the night. That is their job.

    A few pointers beforehand can be helpful to a DJ to fit in through the night if the dancefloor begins to thin.

    To make an evening go well the DJ needs to be beatmixing so it flows and quite often matching tunes in the same musical key so quite often long playlists in advance can actually hamper the DJ especially if they have to be played in order.

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    I made a HUGE playlist of our favourite songs and gave it to our DJ, and split them into sections for before dinner drinks, during the meal, and later on for dancing (he added his own later on too)

    I can email you it if you like but our type of music might not be your taste image

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    Could you send it to me please - it would be greatly appreciated - [email protected]

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