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June 2013 Santorini Wedding

Hi all,

I am just starting to plan and look for venues for the wedding ceremony and the reception.

I have been speaking with the Mill Houses for the accommodation and perhaps the cermony but I have potentially 75 guests so think that might be a problem. The man from Mill Houses, Dimitris, has been very helpful. Has anyone had their wedding there?

I am also in contact with weddings-in-Santorini and Maria from Kvotis Travel. All been very helpful but I wanted to know if anyone a dealt with any of these companies before I sign with one.

Thanks for your help



  • Dan0109Dan0109 Posts: 114
    Congratulations on booking your wedding. I'm using weddings-in-santorini and they have been brill!
  • Sorry I meant to say: not weddings-in-santorini. But I will check them out too. I have been emailing companies for quotes for the past week and getting confused image
  • Dan0109Dan0109 Posts: 114
    Yer, it's all very confusing,I'm just finalising all my plans at the mo, watch out for all the hidden extras! It's a expensive island to marry. But will all be worth it I'm sure.
  • Hi All!

    I am close to booking my August 2013 wedding in Santorini through Ionian weddings, the package we are looking at is pretty inclusive - I think! What hidden extras have you come across Dan0109?
  • Dan0109Dan0109 Posts: 114
    Hi, not necessarily hidden, just extras. But suppose depends on your wedding package.

    Mine is decoration of site, extra flowers, extra cake, as I have a big number of guests.

    Didn't quite realise how expensive some things can cost. Still cheaper than a uk wedding thou so can't complain! image
  • Hi

    I am getting married in Santorini in 167 days woo hoo. I am using Ionian weddings and cant recommend them highly enough. If you would like at idea of costs that i have encountered that i didnt realise the intial cost of or that are not included in the package private message me.

    Lisa x
  • Hi Lisa,

    Thanks for the recommendations. We ended up going with Kivotos Travel and Maria. She has been nothing but lovely. We only just confirmed dates and venues yesterday! All so exciting!! Where is your ceremony in Santorini?
  • We are getting married at Saint Irene Chapel then onto Sphinx for the evening.

    We get married in 162 days and its now that i am having loads to think about.

    Enjoy the planning it comes around so quickly
  • Oh Saint Irene Chapel looks beautiful!!! I bet you can't wait for your big day!
  • I am getting Married next year at Santa Irene chapel and having my reception at Sunset Beach Bar. So excited image I Have used Ionian Weddings, they have been great
  • Hi  I get married on 13/06/2013 on Santorini, anyone have any idea of how much a one tier wedding cake will cost please?





  • AJadeAJade Posts: 64
    I'm intrigued by the hidden costs....
  • Jenny2Jenny2 Posts: 15

    Just out of interest I'd love to know how much each of you are spending?....if the average wedding in the UK is say 15K what would a Santorini wedding cost.....I'm just trying to work out if it's worth contacting some vendors based on my 7K budget? Thanks x

  • Our wedding package comes to £8k (40 people) then with all the extras we want will bump it up to about £10k probably... but for what we are getting, it's still a third cheaper than the UK with amazing scenery and gauranteed sunimage

  • my package for 23 people came to 4,600. On top of that of course if the holiday out there and all the other bits, suits, rings etc.. xx xx

  • AJadeAJade Posts: 64
    Santorinijune2014, where are you getting married etc?
  • I'm currently looking to get married in Santorini this summer but my fiance and I are planning to do it very quietly, with no guests. The companies i've emailed to ask about this dont seem too keen to help. Can anyone recommend someone?

  • i am a greek based destination wedding photographer.i can help new couples with any questions they have. i photograph weddings all over greece and i know by experience many little problems which can occur. i can also photograph your special momment and of course create together a perfect digitall wedding album

  • @AJade - we are getting married at St Irene Chapel then down to Perivolas for the reception, the one with organic food. We have chosen the deluxe package Ionian Weddings offer for that restaurant that is why the price is high, plus we want the dance floor and lights on the beach which is an extra £1k! phew it better be worth it!image

    Have you booked somewhere yourself?

  • @Spiros Giannoulis - have you seen any weddings that use a photobooth on Santorini?

  • lola28lola28 Posts: 175

    hi has anyone got married at sunset beach bar as all i seam to of read on here is the winery ??? i have 3 packeges to choose from after wittlein it down,

    1 sunset beach then sunset beach bar

    2mama mia beach and bar same place for reception

    3 senset terrice then pyrgus for reception

    please help image

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