Italy weddings

Hi, after much searching for our perfect venue in the uk, we have finally decided to get married aborad as we just cant find what we want in the uk. We are thinking prob italy.

Could anyone recommend a good company to book with?

Also any photos you may have of your italian weddings would really inspire me!




  • Hi Jo,

    I get married in Italy in August with Romantic Italian Weddings. I would highly recommend them, they have been fantastic so far and all reviews say the same. You'll find them online and there's also a thread on this page under villa barroncino/ villa San Crispolto. You should take a look.

    Good luck finding what you want xx
  • Jenny799Jenny799 Posts: 9
    Hi Jo

    where do you want to get married in Italy?

    i had my wedding in the lake area

    beautiful landscapes....i can suggest you the lake garda '(2 different shore), so many villa, castle and private villa...

    ask some info to our wedding planner

    i'd like to send you some photos but i'm not really practice...

  • lucelalucela Posts: 551
    Hi hun! I got married in sorrento...I used flowers & confetti! They have wedding packages which allows you to book certain things you want to do yourself...I booked the reception myself! I can send you some pictures by email if you like? image x
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