Have you heard of this restaurant in Paphos?

I emailed the wedding co-ordinator about trying to get a normal menu from Ficardos as i wasnt having much luck with Nikolas. (He just sent me the wedding menu only)

She has reccommended a restaurant 5 mins away from Ficardos, and its called Rimini...Has anyone heard of them? image


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    Havent heard of Rimini but know people who have attended a reception at Ficardos and didn't rate it at all. We used Vardas Beach Restaurant on the way to Coral Bay, very good value for money, would recommend this if not too far away for you.

    We stayed at Riu Cypria, got married at Peyia Town Hall with reception at Vardas. Used Jacks Taxi for transport there and back during the day and night and all went without a hitch.
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    Hi there, we are also staying riu cypria and getting married at Peyia town hall image

    did you stay in the bay or the maris part? we have just booked with jack and sons!

    We have provisonally booked Rimini as its only 10 mins walk from us.

    When did you marry? x
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    we stayed in the bay in March 2010, nearly 2 years ago! best day of my life x

    hotel was great, 29 of us stayed and no one had a bad word to say about it
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    Thats good to hear image I think we are staying in the bay part too but i cant remember lol.

    Just 7 of us staying at the Riu, cant wait. How long was your ceremony and photos at Peyia? x
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    Which restaurant nancykath?
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    the ceremony itself was 10 minutes, guess we were at peyia for 30 mins taking photos then me and hubby went to harbour and light house for more photos whilst guests went to vardas in jacks village bus. we weren't hassled at all to leave peyia but it is shady there anyway so you might want more photos taken elsewhere in the sunshine. what photographer are you using? can recommend Nicky at Cyprus images - fantastic photos and lovely English lady, no misunderstanding in what we wanted. can also recommend the cake lady brilliant cakes.
  • Hi, I am also getting in Paphos in June 2012. I have not yet booked a restaurant for the reception but I am still looking!! I did look at Ficardo but its booked on my date but there are so many to choose from. Everytime a look at the reviews they all say best wedding ever and I just dont know which one to choose!! image

    I did also like the look of things like a dj and dancers but most of the sites I have been on say they are about 300 euro each and I cant afford that sadly. If anyone has any other sites to go on that would be greatimage

    hope to hear from you soon !!
  • 2bmrsb

    I am hoping to book Vardas but couldnt really find any reviews is it nice, Iam going over in July to have a look at a few restaurants was the food nice and did you have any entertainment


    Laura x
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    we had the traditional meze which was fab, George and his son were very accommodating and were open to any suggestions/requirements we had. have eaten there many times on holidays and never been disappointed. we took some cd's I made up before we went but vardas are happy to help you arrange djs or dancers etc. venue is very relaxed and private plus has lovely grassed area on to beach which makes for lovely group photos and sunset shots.
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    Hi 2bmrsb, did you have to pay jack and sons any extra for waiting at peyia? im sure we will only be half hour too and it is only an extra 10 euros anyway if the driver has to wait a bit longer. Our photographer is included in our wedding package from TC so we get 24 photos at peyia and we pay extra for some sunset photos. Is it all shady at peyia or can you catch some sun? Will have a look at Vardas too.
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    Hi Pepperpot. Shame about Ficardos for you. where are you staying? I have provisionally booked Rimini which is supposed to be a very nice restaurant, altho was looking at Mothers restaurant down by the harbour. Our first choice was going to be siennas but we decided that we arent having a reception in cyprus, so we just wanted a restaurant closer to us for a nice simple meal.

    Have a look at vardas, im going to do that now image

    have you looked at trip advisor for some nice restaurants?
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    ps 2bmrsb, do you mind me asking what sort of price you paid at vardas for the meze menu please? just emailed them.
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    There is sunshine at Peyia but to be honest there were some things I didnt think about until it happened on the day - like - my dad having reactalite specs, the sunshine made them look like sun glasses so he had to take them off, you also get alot of reflection in people glasses if photos are taken in the sun, people preferred to have photos taken in semi shade as it was hot and they weren't squinting either. Please dont think its dark, it isn't. You will have to go up to Peyia to get your license before hand anyway so you will be able to see for yourself what its like. I have attached some pics taken at Peyia (wedding was at 12 noon to give you some idea), Vardas and at the Riu from our room balcony (1147).

    We booked the photo package with TC too but cancelled as they will only take the 24 photos at Peyia, none at the hotel first, thats extra, none at any other location - thats extra, none on beach/sunset - thats extra. 24 photos aren't many especially if they are all good its very difficult to choose so we cancelled with TC and booked Cyprus Images. They took almost 300 photos at the hotel, Peyia, harbour, lighthouse, reception and came back for the sunset, put them on a disc and delivered it to the hotel the next day, all for 325 Euros compared to £385 at that time (2 years ago) that TC wanted for 24 photos - she now charges 450 Euros. She is fantastic - I deleted the disc by mistake when reminiscing last year and she sent me a whole new disc free of charge - brill.

    We didn't pay a waiting charge with Jacks Taxis and paid 31 Euros a head for the meze which was plentiful (2 years ago. Our wedding table set up is on Vardas website (green and white theme).

    Hope this all helps and doesn't bore you to death!



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    Your pics are wonderful! Really nice, and thank you for sharing. You had a lovely view from your hotel balcony-hope we do too. Peyia looks great, are the flowers in the vase by the table there already or did you arrange for them to be there?

    Its a shame about the photo thing with TC but we are all booked with them now. Its going to cost us ???????200 just for 10 sunset pics but i think if we went to any other photographer, it will be much more expense to have photos throughout the day and we are on a very tight budget.

    I may have a look into cyprus images anyway image

    Thanks for the pics again, i may pester you again!
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    Everything at Peyia is provided free of charge by the Town Hall.

    We had already paid for our photos with TC but cancelled because of all the extra it was going to cost for sunset photos, it really did make a big cost difference. It also meant everyone at home could get copies of whatever photos they liked which offset the cost of having them taken in the first place, everyone gave me an extra pound for each photo but this still meant they had their photos at less than half price that TC wanted. It might be worth investigating.

    We had a tight budget so I really did investigate any savings that we could make - TC are very expensive for everything. The only thing they can't bump up is the legal/town hall costs.

    Good Luck
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    Hey 2bmrsb, i am looking into cyprus images and have been emailing nicky today. What do you get with the CD only package? Do you have to print out the photos yourself? how does it all work. We are still having TC at peyia as they are included in the package but we also want pics all day basically but Nicky says that its not a good idea to have 2 photographers at the ceremony... Does Nicky take you to other locations you say? how did you get there? For ???????450, it seems like a reasonable price.
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    yes you get the cd to bring home and print what you want in Boots or somewhere - you pick the size, colour or black and white, how many, can edit them etc. etc. it suited us much better as some relatives couldnt come to Cyprus but want photos, they could choose their own from the cd and paid much less per print than the 5Euros (ithink 2 years ago) photographers wanted to charge. Nicky came to the Riu the day after the wedding with her laptop and we all looked at the photos in the reception area.

    Nicky took hubby and me in her car to the harbour and lighthouse and then back to Vardas for the reception. She took photos during the speeches and then came back later to take sunset photos on the beach. Most of the time you didnt realise Nicky was there but she got some fab adhoc relaxed photos of all the family but also some fantastic formal "couple photos" that everyone wanted for their own lounge walls. Cant recommend her enough.

    I'd be happy to send you link to the cd Nicky did for us if you give me your email address, so you can see what you get for your money.
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    That sounds brill, thank you very much.

    My email is [email protected]

    imageimageimage xx
  • Thanks for all your help girls, at the mo its between Romantica and Rimini, There dont seem many pictures for Rimini and we have 4 children with us and Romantica looked more closed in if you know what I meanimage

    Its just so difficult with never being there and I am so worried about picking the wrong place!!
  • 2bmrsb - thank you for sharing your pics, it has reassured me that i've made the right decision with peyia as our venue in less than three months! lovely wedding, lovely venue, lovely bride x
  • Well Girls,

    I booked the Rimini, although I have not paid a deposit or anything like that, was a bit worried, has anyone else booked and not paid anything??
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    I booked Ficardo's for May 2013, and he doesnt want a deposit until December! My wedding planner does have the confirmation on paper though, just feels a bit wierd not paying anything to hold it x
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    Hi Pepperpot, i have booked Rimini through Thomas cook. We will pay the balance upfront about 3 days before our meal! Dont think they require a deposit.
  • Quoted:
    Hi, I am also getting in Paphos in June 2012.

    I did also like the look of things like a dj and dancers but most of the sites I have been on say they are about 300 euro each and I cant afford that sadly. If anyone has any other sites to go on that would be great

    hope to hear from you soon !!


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    I am an experienced UK wedding DJ providing the same service now in Cyprus.

    Just as an example, if I was hired for a standard 5 hour set, my average price would be 200 euro's.

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    Hi Mike DJ that email address doesn't work it bounced back as undelivered. can you send me your email please, thanks
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