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Florida... just the two of us?

A couple of year ago me and my OH enjoyed a lovely holiday in Florida in a beautiful hotel which at the time we both commented would make a wonderful wedding venue.

It was actually during this holiday that we both realised how much we were in love and acknowledged that we did want to be together for the rest of our lives.

Finally we have decided to start planning our wedding and would dearly love to return to Florida to this hotel which is very special to us.

The problem is that obviously flying to Florida is a rather expensive ask for our guests. Flights will be around £500 and the hotel rate is £200 p/n. We have stayed in another hotel locally that is about a third of the cost and which was very nice but is it bad to stay in a lovely luxurious hotel and expect your guests to stay elsewhere? We are not in a position where we could pay for our guests as we are paying for everything ourselves.

Neither of us want a massive wedding and would be just as happy if no one else was there but I doubt our families would be so delighted. Has anyone else found themselves in a similar position and if so what did you do? I don't know if it is selfish to have my dream wedding knowing that not everyone would be able to join us who would want to.


  • Hi Jenny,

    It's such a difficult one. Friends of mine are getting married in Florida this year and they had very mixed responses from friends and family. Lots of people loved the idea (me included) as it meant a wedding and holiday in one. However, one family member was very upset because they weren't getting married in their home town.

    It's you and your partners big day, so in my opinion you should be able to have it wherever you wish. image

    Maybe bring it up gently to those closest to you? In order to gauge their reaction, and to see who would be able to come?

    I'm sure it'll all work out well. image Let us know how it goes. xxx
  • It's a tricky one but I say do it.

    We have just ooked ours to antigua for june this year. We told family at the weekend - mixed responses - but it is up to them if they want to come at there cost and we are fine with that, but I don't think any will, now they have started looking into cost.

    Friends - are all happy, but I don't think they will be a financial position to come along, so we are thinking of a small party for our return.

    At the end of the day the wedding is about the two of you and this is how I view ours and can't wait.

  • Thanks for your replies!

    @Wookster, did you book first and talk later or did you check things with your families first?

    I don't want my wedding ruined by guilt caused by people who can't come but at the same time I totally agree that it will be our wedding and so we should put our wishes first.
  • I think firstly you and your h2b have to decide if this is the wedding you want and if so then stick with the plan, no matter what. I say that because no matter what you decide there will always be someone who's not happy and will try their best to make you change your plans.

    Also no it's not unfair for you to stay in one hotel and guests in another. We went to a cousin's wedding in Cyprus a few year back and the hotel they stayed in no way could we afford to stay there [other guests felt the same too], so they stayed there with their parents and bridesmaids and everyone else were in different hotels [price wise] all over Paphos,from one end to the other. It was a case of either we stayed somewhere else or didn't go at all and we wanted to go and they wanted us to be there and didn't care where we stayed as long as we were there.Also we all had mobile phones so it was very easy to keep in touch with each other,so much so that we were all out together 5 out of the 7 night's we were there.

    Also i've been to Florida a few times [love it there too] and there are so many hotels so close together and all different prices that there are sure to be a few near your hotel that guest's can afford.Maybe you can have a look yourself and have a list of other hotels that you can give them.

    But like i said maybe you first have to say to people this is what we are doing,this is where we are staying,we would love you to come join us but we know that our hotel is a little expensive so we understand if you stay in another hotel.

    Good luck with your plans.
  • We are eloping just the two of us, we will tell everyone when we return, that way no one can make us feel bad till after image
  • Hi

    We have always said to people that when we get married it will be abroad, but I think they actually didn't take us seriously! So they were semi prepared but funnily enough those who have said all along they will come are now saying they won't!! I don't feel that guilty really, I feel good as I know this is what we want. MRSS2BMOB is right, you will always get those that moan no matter what.
  • At the end of the day it is YOUR wedding and YOU should decide how you want it!

    We married abroad "just the two of us" and we have no regrets what so ever! It was the most amazing, romatic, special time of our lives and we did it as we wanted. Our families understood it was our day and our wish and though I am sure they were a little disappointed to have not been there we think we made it up after with a fab party at which we showed a background slide show of our wedding photos and then during the meal we had on the wedding dvd. This brought a few tears and smiles and everyone really loved it and in a way felt like they had actually shared our day after all!

    Do it how you want, they will get over it. Lets face it all that really matters is that you get married and are happy and I am sure that is what your families will want for you anyway!

    Good luck, keep us informed with what you decide! (but I say GO FOR IT!!) imageimage
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