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Jack and Sons transport

Has anyone used them? We will probably go with them as they sound reasonable and have been helpful.

Just wondering tho coz the drivers will wait around for half hour at Peyia town hall while we marry but im concerned that we could be longer than half hour and will have to pay alot more if we run over our time. I know the ceremony only takes 10 mins but then there's photos and the possibility that they could be running late due to other circumstances... worry wart!


  • Mum2011

    Lol are you still not sorted did you book siennas in the end?I am using Jacks and Sons and all the other brides on the Vasilias thread are.

    I have met them on several occasions and they have been great dont worry with times they deal with weddings all the time.

    Iv literally said this is where i am getting married and this is where to after, they will know timings etc.

  • mum2011mum2011 Posts: 212
    Hi MrsC, still flustered but slowly getting there. Think we will go for Jack and Sons, they are so reasonable. What transport are you getting?

    We didnt book Siennas unfortunately as hardly any of my family and friends are coming to Cyprus so we are having our reception back in the UK. We will go for a quiet, no fuss meal in the evening though after the ceremony at a restaurant closer to us x
  • Jokaty82Jokaty82 Posts: 1,908
    We have so much booked with Jacks - a coach, a white 6 seater mercedes, a black BMW, we then have one car here, one car there, swapped on way back lol!! Its all fine, they deal with so many weddings they understand timings.

    I have even booked them for our transport to and from the airport, for ease and because they were well priced. I have met Judy as well and she is lovely and I have seen some of their cars. You can't go wrong. xx
  • mum2011mum2011 Posts: 212
    Hey thanks jokaty82, makes me feel better to hear that image obviously they totally know what they're doing but i can be a bit of a worrier and scared that it wont all work out to plan. But they are so reasonable so we'll book with them. yay! xx

    Hope all your plans are coming along nicely.
  • 2bmrsb2bmrsb Posts: 39
    Dont worry at all, used this company for our wedding at Peyia, they were very accomodating, lovely people - both Judy with the arrangements and the drivers. Just relax and enjoy your day, they do this everyday of the year and have it down to a fine art!
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