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Anyone getting married in Malta?


  • Me hopefully in 2014! Where are you thinking?

  • Hi,

    Me too, I am getting married in September this year. Fell in love with Malta when we visited last year. I hired a wedding planner for it, to avoid the hassel and the paperwork. I hired They are really helpfull friendly and professional and way cheaper than I was thinking.

    I am getting married in a Villa since I am afraid it might rain so played it on the safe side.

    By the way seems like the paperwork needs to be handed it some 4 months before...was not expecting that
  • Hello!

    Aww congratulations! That's wonderful! We go every year to Malta and love it. My parents friends are Maltese too and live there so they are helping out where they can! I'm hoping for May 2014, all being well! I bet you can't wait! I know I can't! We're going out this may I think to plan it, I have fallen in love with xara palace in mdina, it's amazing. Hoping to have our reception there and have the ceremony at the Carmelite church mdina. If it's any help we went to Malta last september/October, perfect weather a part from sunshine and showers on our last day, the rest of the time it was boiling hot! The prices seem fantastic from the menus etc I've seen and the hire of venues are pretty cheap in comparison to Italy where we initially looked. How many guests are you having? I would like around 40 nearest and dearest but seems like some people who I wasn't inviting seem upset but that's the point of going away as I wanted small and intimate! You can't please everyone!

    Thanks for the heads up on paper work I didn't know that! Malta is completely underrated its fab and so is the food!

    Congratulations again!


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