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Hen do, in the uk or where your getting married?

Hey ladies

I Was just cooking and my hen do popped into my mind! Random i know image

I haven't planned it, don't know where to go? Etc....

Has anyone booked there's? Or know what they are planning.


  • MrsKK2BMrsKK2B Posts: 304
    I'm having 2! Greedy I know! My chief bridesmaid is organising all of it so don't know all the ins and outs but we are having a weekend abroad in Europe somewhere (hopefully sunny and warm!). I think she is looking at Budapest, Barcelona or Croatia maybe. Then I'm having another one back home which will be a meal, night out and a pamper day for those who can't afford to go abroad and for extra family etc. Can't wait!

    Have you got any ideas in mind?
  • I am having 2!!

    1. My mum is throwing me a classy afternoon tea Bridal Shower in July for about 35-40ladies!

    2. Me and 23 of my girlies are hiring a Stretch Hummer into London to a bar called Road House, we'll have dinner there, then lots of drink and dancing!
  • MrsNunwaMrsNunwa Posts: 599
    Sounds lovely! I was planning to have two also.

    One over here with my friends/sister/bridesmaids friends who won't be able to attend our wedding aboard - dinner and then like a night out type. And the 2nd one with family and close friends, MIL etc having a meal and lots of cocktails and stuff over in Barbados days before our wedding. What do you reckon?
  • MrsNunwaMrsNunwa Posts: 599
    Clare Jeffery haven't heard of a bridal shower sound lovely though. Do guests buy presents?

    Round house, is that the one in covent gardens Hun?
  • MrsKK2BMrsKK2B Posts: 304
    That sounds perfect! Then you get to share one or the other with all the ladies special to you. Good plan! Enjoy!
  • We're getting married in Vegas and as all our nearest and dearest are coming we're having our hen and stag do's there 2 nights before the wedding. My hen do is all booked - dinner out, limo tour of the strip with fizz to drink, VIP tickets to Thunder from Down Under (male strip show!) then limo to a night club to throw some shapes on the dance floor image can't wait!
  • H2b is going to Budapest but I'm thinking closer to home for mine as my hens are clucking about leaving the kids with their OH and the fact that they'll be getting called every 5 mins!

    I'd love to do a pamper day then out for a meal somewhere and dancing after but got no idea where to go for it

    Was actually thinking Newcastle looks like a good place for a night out from what I've seen on Geordie Shore lol!
  • I'm having 2, one weekend with all my mates in Bath at a cottage and a night out in Cyprus with everyone who's coming
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