When to send out invitations?

Hi Ladies,

Just wondering how much inadvance you are all sending out your invitations? I am getting married in Cyprus July 2013, when should I send out my invites and how long should I give guests to tell me if they're coming or not? xxx


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    Hiya, I'm getting married may 2013 and I sent my invites out last week. We had passport invites made by tickled pink , and they had all the info on them about the wedding day, hotels nearby etc. I think if people need to plan a holiday they need info well in advance. We could of waiting till we had booked our holiday too but everyone kept asking us so we sent them out early image x
  • Hey hun

    We are getting married august 2013 and we gave ours out at our engagement meal on 4th Feb

    People need alot of time for an abroad wedding hun

    With regards to RSVP I'm asking them by Jan 2013 so i can have a definite idea for the reception numbers

    I think our wedding planner needs finalised numbers about 8 weeks before so plenty of time

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    Thankyou girls! image

    mrshughes2013 I have actually just pm'd you! image

    Think I'll get posting them as soon as I've made/bought them then! xxx
  • I am sending out Save the dates this week getting married next June 2013 with a poem we made up saying we need to know by 1st July etc we need a definate ideas of numbers or a rough estimate as we are flying to Cyprus on the 8th July and we want to pick our reception venue as the one we like has a max of 60 guests upstairs.

    Does anyone this this is an unreasonable time limit we are not asking for definate yes or no we just need an idea?
  • Hey Girlies

    I am a Paphos July bride this year, we sent out save the dates with along with an info A4 sheet with airlines, hotels, and complexes for apartments/villas for our guest we gave these out March last year with an RSVP to give us an indication of who was coming and my main invites will be posted this week for our guests.

    I think the save the date avoids the wasted cost on invites for those that will not come.

    Saying that we have had guests up until yesterday saying they were coming all along and are now not. So bare this in mind that you will have alot say yes then cost etc comes into it closer to the wedding.

    If i had a chose to do it again i would over invite, whereas we stuck to close people and max of 45 people as i didnt want loads of people. We will end up around 35ish mark.

    Hope this helps.

  • Quoted:
    Thankyou girls!

    mrshughes2013 I have actually just pm'd you!

    Think I'll get posting them as soon as I've made/bought them then! xxx

    replied hun
  • MrsH_2bMrsH_2b Posts: 110

    Does anyone this this is an unreasonable time limit we are not asking for definate yes or no we just need an idea?

    This is what I was thinking. I wanted to know as soon as possible so I could start thinking about favors, place names etc aswell, havn't got the budget to be buying bulk everything. With getting married abroad it's not like you can invite people at the last minute to make up the numbers either image
  • Yeah I know what you mean Mrs H but to be honest and I don't mean this in a horrible way but if less people come that we anticipate the better for us as it will cost a lot less image

    we have guessed around 50 people but if everyone came who we sent save the dates too it would be 71 (we doubt this as some family already said no but we are being polite as they are close family by sending it out to them)

    We have told people that we are catering for 50 so first 50 replies will be coming with us to be honest we cant afford any more x
  • We are getting married June 2013. I was going to send out the save the dates (with all the info on hotels etc) June 2012 and my invited Jan 2013. I would hope that would be enough time...it is different with an overseas wedding. The guest need to plan and save and take time off work too.
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    We invited 62 people, these were close friends and family. Out of these at the time 50 said yes they were definitely coming. Since then we have finalised our numbers and we have 34.

    We sent out save the dates about 22 months in advance, then sent out our invites May 2011, this was because holidays came out at the beg of May, and we booked straight away. Our last guests havent booked yet, which is my brother, but should do. We marry May this year.

    I have spoken to lots of people, and 20-35 is a good turn out. Over there 50 for an English Wedding is classed as very big.

    We knew some people would drop out but were surprised at just how many after saying 'yes'. So just watch out, and also be realistic about numbers xx
  • Hey

    we are getting married in May 2013 and we sent out a save the date magnet in November last year. We have just had the first draft done for the invites and we hope to have these sent out by the end of March. We are also been asked when we are sending them, people would rather have as much notice as possible so that they can plan ahead.

    Good luck xx
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