Any other Cyprus 2014 weddings?


Im new here, we are planning our wedding for Cyprus 2014 maybe April or May time.

It's still too early to book anywhere yet as we are looking to book through First Choice/Thomson.

We haven't decided on a venue yet so it's been really good reading through everyone's comments and has given me some good ideas.

Feels like forever,least I have lots of time to save and plan.

Is there any other Cyprus 2014?


  • Hi there,

    We are also looking at Cyprus in June 2014! Going over to Paphos later this year to suss out restaurants as we're looking to go for a traditional inn or taverna instead of a hotel. It's all very exciting, but in limbo til we can actually start booking things!! 2014 seems a long way off!!

    Happy planning!

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    Hello and many congratulations to you both on your engagement.

    Why wait to book with Thomas Cook, I can recommend The Wedding Organizers and Co~Ordinators of Cyprus. You will get a much better deal and more competitive prices with The Wedding Co~Ordinators! They will be able to help you plan and book all your wedding day needs from hotel, reception, cake, flowers, they do everything all you need to do is get in touch and book your flight. They are a local company based on the East Coast of Cyprus covering Protaras and Ayia Napa and have been in the wedding industry in Cyprus for 25 years. You can view photos for hotels, receptions, location photography and lots of other ideas on their facebook page :-

    If you havent yet booked a photographer I can highly recommend PHOTOPIA wedding photography, Cyprus. They are award winners in the field of wedding photography in Cyprus, they have an amazing professional team who will make you feel very special on your big day, your photos will be stunning and their service is next to none.

    Hope this helps, if you have any questions, please just ask, I am more than happy to help if I can.

    Jo xx
  • Hi

    Congratulations on your forthcoming wedding!!

    We are getting married in May 2013 and we got engaged in 2009 so had 4 years to plan ours. We booked our wedding about 2 years ago through Kerry @ Aisle of Love. You are much better off with an independant wedding planner, you will have much more control over your special time, such as choosing the date and time of your big day, rather than been told by the tour operating just a few months before your wedding.

    Anyway good luck whatever you choose xx
  • We re looking at 2014 Easter or summer. There are so any options available as well so difficult to choose don't really nw where to start. Villas beaches hotels restaurants and they are all so or gorgeous too
  • congrats to you all .im also getting married in cyprus 2014 may.i want to get married in the hotel grounds .so many hotels to choose from . two that stand out so far are the hotel  elysium in paphos,and the asimina suites in paphos.i want special/ i need feed back about these two hotels,or others recommended hotels.ruth bt 38 

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    I'm not sure if you've looked into wedding planners abroad rather than using a travel agent? (No I don't work for one and I'm not on commission).

    When I first started planning I was intending to strut down to TC and book but then I started reading the forums - it seems that with a planner you have a lot more choice and say over what you want etc, travel agents can be rigid with what you can have.

    If you are set on doing it through the TA then there are a few things to check first, I read it on a forum and I can't remember where!: one thing was to check that yours is the only wedding there on that day - apparently they can sometimes have a conveyor belt of brides every hour.  Some people are fine with that, personally I would be in tears but that's just me.

    If I can remember where I saw it I will let you know, plus alot of people on here can offer their feedback on how they did it and what was fab and what wasn't quite so fab.



  • Hi ladies , we have our ceremony and venue booked for 20th may 2014 at 2pm. We are just waiting for early next year for brochures to come out so us and guests,can book the accommodation and flights .we too are using wedding planners ,called marrigeincyprus. They are based in Cyprus and UK and have been excellent in sorting our wedding. We are having the ceremony and reception at the Aphrodite beach wedding venue. The venue is solely for our use from 1pm untill midnight , we are having a deluxe BBQ , dj and Cyprus dancers . If you would like any info or you have any questions please ask


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    We got married in August in Paphos and used an independent planner, I'd highly recommend using an independent company than a travel agency, you get a totally personalised service rather than a standard package and you'll get you date confirmed way before a travel agent can

    We used Total Paphos Weddings and our planner was amazing, couldn't fault a thing
  • Hi Everyone

    Just in case your not sure....there's a fantastic group called Cyprus Brides to Be on facebook. Loads of helpful hints & tips x

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    Hello, I am also new do this!

    We are looking to get married in Cyprus May 2014, we have had a few people ask if we are sure we want to go there given there current financial situation and with them being on the news a lot recently but I do love Cyprus!

    I was goin to book the holiday and wedding with First Choice but have decided to look at it myself and I have been in contact with a few venues and got quotes and there packages are much better the ones through the travel agents containing fruit and breakfast in bed!!

    Does any one know any good photographers? I have had a few quotes from some but alway prefer recommendations.
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    Well aile of love did a runner with brides monies! Four Seasons Limassol perfect
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