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Cyprus Bridal beauty? Torn between them and Renoir! image


  • Jokaty82Jokaty82 Posts: 1,908
    I initially was going to go with Cyprus Bridal Beauty. I met her when I was in Cyprus. I forget her name now sorry.

    She was a lovely lady, very smart, very polite. Absolutely nothing wrong with her and have heard all good things, but for some reason I was drawn more to Renoir. I thought they 'got me' more. I like to think I am a little bit trendy, and I worry with Bridal Make Up and Hairstyles that they can all be a bit samey, and dull. I want something a bit funkier, and bit more relaxed and a bit more me, and I found that Rachel and Karen just got me more on this.

    But like I say absolutely nothing wrong with CBB, just a gut instinct, and now am so excited by Renoir making me beautiful ha ha xx
  • Hey

    I agree with Jo with the styles of Renoir the girls go on courses every year in london to enure they are bang on trend.

    My hairdresser in the Uk worked for a top salon before opening her own business and commented on how fab she thought they did my hair, i was lucky to trial them. Didnt look elsewhere as i was very happy with them.

    I am a young bride well 25, so i wanted something different and not typical bridal.

    There is a pic on cyprus 2012 thread

  • mum2011mum2011 Posts: 212
    Ah thanks ladies. I only looked at CBB yesterday and Nicky has been really helpful. We are on a tight budget and Nickys prices are slightly better for us than Renoir at the moment, altho I am prepared to stretch a little bit with my hair and make up if i need to.

    I cant decide what to do. Renoir will give my bridesmaid a trial for make up but CBB do consultations.

    I will have to think. Thanks for the opinions for both hairdressers though. Im 35 but still want to look trendy and i definitely want to look younger!!!
  • Hi bride to be xx

    I was the same and looked on both sites and yes I was the same as you it was aboutt £30 differnece for two of us to be done. I liked Renior face book and there seemed so many more styles than CBB and I think when your booking these kind of things over the internet that what you rely on.

    I have booked renior but have not got a trial for bridesmaids make up just to save a bit more xx

    Good luck deciding xx image
  • Jokaty82Jokaty82 Posts: 1,908
    I am paying for my girls hair to be done, but said if they wanted a trial they would have to pay for that themselves. Both have paid for a trial. I would be the same with make up, if they want a trial then its down to them to pay. Personally I would want a trial so would pay xx
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