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Cyprus - keeping guests entertained throughout the day

Hi brides to be!

I am getting married in protaras at a hotel, then hopefully will get a horse and carriage to take us to a monastery for pictures. Has anybody got any ideas what the guests can be doing whilst we are away or would they come with us? I'm not sure as it would be inbetween the ceremony and the reception.

We dont have any kids but there maybe a few coming..completely stuck for ideas to keep them entertained too!

Any help would be great! Xx


  • Jokaty82Jokaty82 Posts: 1,908
    How long will you be? We will be off having photos taken, while our guests head to the venue reception for the meal etc. We have provided welcome drinks and think everyone will just chat. We will only be 30 mins, but even if you were an hour, surely guests would chat happily. Is that an option? xx
  • Yes i feel a little happier now as most people i have spoke to said that is what they are doing/did. I was worrying as i didnt think tht we were allowed music at the reception (due to reading it in a forum) but i have checked and it is fine. I was just thinking that it would be a bit quiet with no atmosphere!

    Thanks for replying!
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