Virgin and Kuoni Weddings

Hi Everyone

New to this forum but from what I've been reading everyone is so helpful, so I thought I would ask a few questions:

*Has anyone booked their wedding abroad (past or future) with either Virgin or Kuoni?

*How did you go about booking your wedding with them (which travel agents did you use?)?

*If so, how did/have you find them regards the arrangements and legal paperwork?

*Which resorts would you recommend for a wedding (may have X1 2-3year old niece there)

For a bit more information, we are thinking of having a wedding in the caribbean probably in Sept 07 and using either Virgin or Kuoni (we've never booked any holidays with these before as usually used First Coice so dont know what they are like).

Any help and info would be great as finding it hard to decide from the brochures

Thanks Very Much



  • Hi excitedbride2b,

    I'm getting married next year and are traveling with virgin.

    They have been ok sorting out all the paperwork and the licence for our wedding has already been requested by them. The only thing i'll say is that i know virgin will not allow you to take your wedding on board with you, it has to go in your suitcase in the hold!!!!! Fortunately for me, although i booked with virgin, im travelling with air mauritius and air seychelles so ive checked with them and i can take it on board, so please just check first before you book what their restrictions are on that particular flight.

    I didnt actually use a travel agents to book with them, i did it direct via their phone lines (all details on websites - you cannot book weddings via web so need to ring them), i found that when i went to a travel agents the price i was quoted was much higher than doing it direct.

    Im afraid i cant recommend anywhere much in the caribbeanas the only place we've been is Grenada, we had a fantastic time here and stayed in the True Blue Bay hotel - was fantastic, a lovely hotel - think they do weddings too.

    Hope that helps

  • Hiya,

    I booked my wedding to Jamaica through Virgin - never used them before myself but have been really impressed with them.

    We are staying at Beaches Sandy Bay - specially for families we are taking 7yr old and 10yr old with us.

    All legal stuff is still being sorted (we dont get married until April 07). The wedding co-ordinators have been really helpful - from letting me chose the exact time (4.30) to advice on the local flowers over there.

    Really impressed I would recommend Virgin - no hassle at all.

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