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I am sure the following questions have been asked many time before but I have tried search and it says nothing can be found!

Firstly can I ask if you were or are getting married in lindos which wedding planner did you use? We are looking at lindos weddings and exquisite. Both seem great but we have had more info from exquisite with regards to prices of all the extras,even though I like the friendlyness more of lindos weddings they do not forward prices which makes me wary of it being much more expensive. We do have a budget and don't want to choose lindos and find we can't afford all the extras we want! Any advice on this would be gratefully received as we want to book now as we don't want to find we can't get date and time we wanted.

Second question is about the ceremony. How long does the actual ceremony take and is it correct we only have to say I will once!??

I am sure I will think if more thing to ask as the day for a on!!

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  • Hi, I got married in Lindos last September at St. pauls, then had ah hour boat cruise followed by a reception in Pefkos. I used Unforgettable weddings - Justine was amazing!! I would highly recommend, might be worth dropping her an email - they were so helpful; and they would give you the price of anything you need on request. We had a few extras, such as violinist for the chapel, boat, dancers, bow hire etc .. I arranged a few things myself to reduce the overall cost, such as the DJ, Cake, hairdresser, reception venue/menu) (I have all the numbers if you want them) If you have any questions please feel free to ask .. I could talk about this all day long lol x x

    Oopps .. CONGRATULATIONS!! Lindos is a magical place, you will have an amazing time x
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    Hello! I'm getting married in Lindos next June! We looked at both exquisite and lindos weddings and found them both really helpful but in the end we chose lindos weddings just because we found their advice and ideas more 'us'. I found it frustrating at first that lindos weddings dont give you a price list but now we've booked we have a price list and i can say that theyre very competively priced! Think the only difference is the cost of translating documents aren't included but it works out about the same as the exquisite package. I'd suggest you go with the one you feel you connect with the most image xx
  • Hi,

    We were married in Lindos a few years ago and used Lindos Weddings and don't regret it one bit. From what we found out their prices were very similar to other companies but it seems most of their suppliers had better reports locally. The manager of our Hotel told us that from what he could see their weddings featured the majority of the suppliers he would use if he were getting married on Rhodes. That was really good to hear, it really made us feel we had made the right choice.

    We were given a full price list not long after booking if I remember rightly, plus they sent us prices for everything we asked about before booking anyway. We then had a meeting with Julie, one of their consultants and she told us at there and then what our overall costs would be. I agree that they are very friendly (wait until you meet them, you'll see why) and this combined with their reputation made our minds up for us. As said, no regrets.

    Have a fantastic day, Rhodes is stunning. I just wish we could do it all again. image
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    Hi, I'm getting married next summer at St Paul's Chapel in Lindos . Never been before but the church looks sooooo pretty

    Just found this website by chance and love reading all the brides comments.

    Our wedding planners are Exquisite Weddings who have been brilliant, especially Angela who is so quick in sending me replies and a few times long conversations on the phone, she has totally put my mind at rest and now feel relaxed that our wedding is in good hands.

    I think we will have around 50 guests but could be more. Still not sure where to have our wedding reception yet, but think its between the Lindos Memories Hotel and the Lindian Jewel. Both look really nice

    Any comments on any of the reception venues would be helpful

    Website of our planners which might be helpful to someone:


  • Hi Emma,

    We looked at both of those venues and finally booked with Lindos Weddings and the Lindos Memories. One of the things that helped us make the decision was when we checked both hotels out on Trip Advisor the Lindos Memories was rated very high for hotels in the area, in the top three if I remember rightly and the Lindian Gulf/Jewel was rated something like 30th out of 32.

    Have a look on there as they have up to date ratings and a lot more places have opened since we were married.

    Good luck with planning. image
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    Hi, Thanks for the feed back. What I understand the owner has taken the Lindian Jewel back and has a new area for weddings, which looks really nice. There is also a big price difference between the Lindos Memories and the Lindian Jewel. I love the Lindos Memories but can't really afford it so we are going with the Lindian Jewel. I've read all the reviews from brides from last summer and going by that I think it will be okay.

    Now that we have decided on most things I can relax a little now...sign of relief!

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