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I want to put playing cards in my guests little OOT bags but I can't find anywhere that does personlised playing cards. Does anyone know where I can get them from I only need 12?



  • Kimbo83Kimbo83 Posts: 41
    I think Confetti website do them x
  • kazalakazala Posts: 361
    Can I ask a question about your OOT bags. When are you giving them out to your guests? Are you filling them with lots of little pressies and giving them out at the wedding? Some people seem to do this, and I really like this idea. Some people seem to give them out at the airport on the way on holiday or before the wedding? Im a bit confused about OOT etiquette lol x
  • charlyne2charlyne2 Posts: 27
    what is an oot bag?
  • Well in mine i have Koozies (they keep your drink cool) personlised to each guest ie my mums say mother of the bride, bridesmaid best man etc, we have playing cards, personlised pen, lip balm, head set adaptors for the plan so they can use there own head sets and some mints. Im not to sure when to give this out as were not all going to the airport together and i dont really want to be lugging it all arouns so i might give them out when we get there on the first day?!?! OOT stands for Out of Town image
  • kazalakazala Posts: 361
    The koozies sound fab, might look them up and pinch that idea image

    I'm not sure when to give mine out either but am thinking I will put them at the places on the wedding table x
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