HELP! Wedding ideas and Advice for Cyprus (poss Italy) please


We are planning on marrying abroad next Apr/May. I've spent lots of time looking into hotels in Cyrpus and I'm just going round in circles there is much choice! Can anyone recommend any hotels please?

We want a really nice 4/5 star hotel, ideally all inclusive but would do half board for the right hotel. We'd like to have the ceremony, drinks reception and meal all in the hotel and will have around 20 guests. My Dad is in a wheelchair so I need to pick a hotel with good general access and room with a 'walk in shower' as he cant climb into a bath. I also liked the idea of Italy but am worried that my Dad wont be able to get out and about in Italy.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thank you image


  • kazalakazala Posts: 361
    Hi Michcost, when I was looking for a hotel we found that lots of the hotels have promotional & other videos on youtube so we trawled through watching these. Having never been to cyprus ourselves, it really helped us find somewhere we loved (amathus beach, paphos). Hope this helps x

    Also my wedding planners found loads of places for us all round europe, and they searched for weeks at no cost. We ended up booking with them coz they were so good so you could try that? Our planners are planet weddings, part of planet holidays x
  • charlyne2charlyne2 Posts: 27
    I also looked at the two cyprus and itily, when I looked into it Itialy was far to hilly for my nan who struggles to walk far.

    I have decided on Cyprus but which hotel i have no idea!
    Thanks very much I'll look into it. We love that hotel too but think its quite pricey, mind it one of the first I've properly priced up so it could be a typical price. How many guests are you having? x
    Yeah I'm thinking Italy wont be suitable for the same reason, its hard, theres so much to think about! x
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