Cyprus Brides - do i need to register my intent to marry!


Would be really grateful if someone could clarify if i need to register my intent to marry at my local register office which i have just found out today( only 6 weeks till wedding !) Also I was informed we could get a cerfificate of no imediment at a solicitors but now heard this has to be from local register office too! To say I am now panicing would be an understatement. Help anyone? image


  • Romana80Romana80 Posts: 209
    Where are you from? It's different in Scotland than in England? x
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    Hi, I don't know where you are based, but no I don't have to register my intent to marry with the UK registry office, I have to do this with the Town Hall in Cyprus.

    I need to get my Stat Dec documents witnessed by a Solicitor, which should cost £5 per document, then when in Cyprus I need to get to the town hall one morning pre-wedding to get a Form B, which as I am marrying in Church need to give to the Church in our pre-wedding interview.

    You do not need to register intent in this country as you are not marrying in this country xx
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    You do need to register your intent if you're in Scotland though. You need to fill out a marriage licence form which can be downloaded online and then handed into your local registry office along with your birth certificates and a cheque for £60! xx
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    Yes that was my original understanding of what I needed to do! But read somewhere that i neede to register at my local register office and when I phoned them Iwas given the wrong information by an obviously misinformed member of staff!. Her boss later phoned me to confirm that i did not need to contact them. I was so cross she had me panicing that I had left it too late and may have to postpone my wedding !!!!!!!!

    Thanks for the post very reassuring all the best for your wedding. image
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