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Which Florida Beach??

We've finally decided on Florida for our wedding and have found the company we want to do it with but they have 5 different locations to choose from and neither of us have a clue! We didn't find the internet all that helpful so maybe you guys can help image

The beaches are:


St Pete's

Cocoa Beach

New Smyrna

Ponce Inlet

Siesta Key

I'd prefer a less busy beach as I'm not good in crowds - we did look at Clearwater but apparantly it's heaving in the Summer.

My family is a definite (2x grandparents, 2x adults, 2x children) and we're hoping for his (2x parents, 2x brothers, sister & +1's). Some will never have been to Florida before (including groom)

We will only be spending about 4 or 5 days there and then after the wedding flying to Oahu.

Thank you for any help!!!!
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