Centrepieces and transporting them

Whats everyone having for centrepieces for there wedding abroad? And how are you getting them there?

I don't think i want flowers, but because of luggage allowance, i'm not sure how to transport things out there.

thanks girls x


  • Jokaty82Jokaty82 Posts: 1,908
    Depending on where you are getting married you could courier a box of stuff to your coordinator or venue.

    Or you could split between guests, ask people to carry a few bits if they can.

    We are sending some bits out before hand. There is a courier company website that lets you pick the size of a box or weight and then gives you a comparison with all the courier companies. Someone told me it would be roughly £25-£35 for a small sized box xx
  • Get your wedding planner to organise them, where are you getting married? I don't see the point of transporting stuff over unless you really, really can't get something similar there
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