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Honeymoon where?

Can anyone help. Where should we go in Fenruary for our honeymoon thats within 6 hours flight, don't want to sit on a plane too long when we only have a week! We need some sun and a good beach. Anyone any good ideas?

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  • adelly2005adelly2005 Posts: 194
    Have you looked at Cape Verde? It's just off North Africa so warm weather all year round and the beaches look gorgeous. The hotels seem geared up to all inclusive, relaxing on the beach type of thing.

    Otherwise there's Morocco or the Canary Islands. There's also Tunisia and Egypt within 6 hours - there was some trouble there last year but I know plenty of people who have holiday'd in the typical tourist resorts since with no problems.

    Or if you can push to around 7 hours then Dubai is an option? x
  • MrsMc2beMrsMc2be Posts: 60
    I second Cape Verde, altough Egypt is also great - you can get some really luxurious hotels for great value.
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