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2008 Wedding in Italy but dont know where.!!!!!!


This is my first time on the fabulous website, my friend recommended this to me last night. I have just got engaged ( last week in barbados) and we are deciding on what country to get married in, maybe Italy. The thing is I havent been to Italy before and I have no idea where.!! I have been advised Sorento or Sardinia. Can you advise me of any recomendations you may have or advice for me. Im so excited and nervous at same time.

I would like either a stunning outside or castle for ceremony and then nice venue close by for the meal/evening dance.

Thanks for any advice.




  • BabybonBabybon Posts: 198
    Duran, there are loads of posts on here already about Italy and where to get married. Make a cuppa and have a read!

    have fun! x
  • Duran,

    Yeah, you can join the Italy club. I am getting married in Tuscany. As JT says have a read as there is som really useful stuff. I found a potential planner after a recommendation on here. Post any questions.

    Looking forward to hearing all about it and sharing tips!

    Joey x
  • MrsRafMrsRaf Posts: 1,802
    congrats on your engagement!

    we're thinking of Turkey but H2B just keeps saying "i just want to marry you - i dont care where" - sweet but annoying hehe

    anyway have fun with the planning - Italy looks like a stunning place to wed!
  • AlannaukAlannauk Posts: 6
    Well as you know i would definatly recommend Sorrento!!

    But after reading the different places people have chosen, you will be stuck. Just think about the important things for you and your partner - like who would you like to attend, how far can they travel, would people have to take a lot of there holiday from work to attend your wedding??

    I thought about it a lot and there were certain people i really wanted there - including my nan and she would never of attended if we had chosen somewhere too far away. I also wanted people to have the chose of how long they wanted to come for, so somewhere in Europe was definatly better as it's only a 2 1/2 hour flight - we have nearly 50 people coming and some are coming for 1 week, 4 days, 3 days, and a couple are only coming for 2 days!! People can get cheap flights and book hotels separatly via the internet. Living so near Heathrow it's great for the ones only coming for a short time, most are flying with BMI.

    I would differently recommend no matter where you get married get a wedding planner - they are the experts and know all the right people.

    Anyway you know i'm here - any questions just ask.
  • tiggy1uktiggy1uk Posts: 3
    Hi There,

    I am getting married in Southern Italy and I have arranged everything through Emma at Luna Rosa. There will just be the two of us and we are staying in a really nice boutique hotel overlooking the sea in Amalfi. She has been really helpful sending lots of info on the venue and the menus. We are even having a helicopter ride over the Amalfi coast!. The ceremony will be in the cloisters in Sorrento.

    I met up with Emma in Italy and she showed me lots of different venues and we choose Amalfi. Another area which is really nic which we visited during our adventre was Puglia. We also considered this area as there are some realy nice venues and they can arrange an outdoor ceremony there too.

    just let me know if you have any questions.

  • cmcukcmcuk Posts: 30
    It is so difficult when there are so many amazing locations in Italy.You need to sit down and work out the type of wedding you want.How many people you hope to have, whether you would like something formal or relaxed, quiet or a real social occasion, what your budget is.

    We are getting married in Tuscany in September.I visited the Amalfi Coast but found it q commercial and overpriced and therefore not for me.That is not to say you can't have a nice wedding in that area, it was just my experience.

    We also went to Maratea in Southern Italy for a friend's wedding.We spent a day with a wedding planner, Bill from Dream weddings, who was superb. Maratea is the undiscovered Amalfi coast, v pretty and not so commercial. Unfortunately it's drawbacks are it was a 2 hr drive from naples airport and the venues for large numbers(which we needed were not quite what we wanted.

    We have chosen a castle just outside Florence called Vinclingiata for the reception and are having a catholic wedding at a local church. We are having 100 people so wanted somethng closish to main airports and with good accommodation. Therefore, for us, Tuscany was the most suitable.

    My relatively brief experience of Italy is that the South is more rurual and informal, Tuscany more expensive but v stylish and the Amalfi v beautiful but v busy.

    I would also recommend that you read up on the areas as there are loads of websites on weddings in Italy.

    We went over to Tuscany last September and met with 2 wedding planners, saw about 6 venues and just knew when we saw the castle

    Finally, our wedding planner is absolutely fantastic and I would recommend her.Her name is Nadia Nanni and she works for I think they do weddings mainly in Florence but also Venice and the Amalfi.

    Good luck! x
  • HI

    Im trying to sort out a wedding in Italy too - next June. Thomsons have some really good deals if your on a bit of a budget...but will certainly look up the websites recommended by everyone.

    Its so hard to know where to start isnt it! image
  • MrsColby2BMrsColby2B Posts: 19

    I am getting married in Cortona next year in Tuscany. We are having our reception at a beautiful Villa on the border of Umbria and all of our family and friends are staying either at the Villa or surrounding villas,hotels etc. We just came back from Tuscany/Umbria and found the area around Cortona beautiful. It is not too expensive and a great place for a relaxed atmosphere. We are dealing direct with the Villa San Crispolto where the owner Marco is amazing.

    Good Luck with everything!
  • kamakiriakamakiria Posts: 5
    Hi Duran,

    I can highly suggest Sardinia. I am in contact with Claudia of Frinaeventi Agency ( and she proposed me some locations in front of the sea for an intimate outdood wedding. In the town of Castelsardo is possible to have the ceremony in a medieval castle ovelooking the sea!!!! And for the receptions she recommended beautiful locations as well!!!!

    Good luck!
  • Thank you for all your replies, it has been great reading them all.

    I have been recomended Book of dreams wedding planners from a friend of mine. Does anyone know anything about the weather in Italy in September. Alot of people have said to me that Lake Garda wont be as warm as Sorento!! As i want a castle of such like it looks like i might have to go to Lake Garda as they have castles and Sorento doesnt.

    Any advice would be appreciated.

    Thank you all



  • vanilla70vanilla70 Posts: 6
    I got married in Tuscany! That's was amazing all perfect. image) Ilaria & Sabrina have been perfect .
  • cmcukcmcuk Posts: 30
    We considered the lakes for our honeymoon in september(mid-end of) but checking the weather(and confirmed by our wedding planner) we realised it wouldn't be beach weather so we decided on saridinia instead.

  • chriss77chriss77 Posts: 11

    we just got married at the beach in spain (barcelona). we had an absolutely romantic ceremony at sunset.

    if you want some more infos or help organizing your wedding in spain talk to jessica, she was our weddingplanner. she really saved us alot of stress and money.

    her email: [email protected]

    have fun planning your wedding

    bye chriss
  • Hi there,

    I am thinking of a wedding in Lake Coma or Sardina for only myself and my partner for only 25 people and would like to know if anyone can recommend any planner of place.. etc, and does anyone know if certain placers are pricer than others. Thank You..
  • Hi Duran, we are getting married at the Palazzo Vecchio in Florence on 23rd April...

    Florence is the most beautiful, romantic city and there is so much for our guests to see and do, not to mention the food and wine are amazing!

    We are using for legal work and translation at the ceremony, for our pictures and for all the floral arrangements.

    It has all been so easy and stress-free to plan, I can't recommend organising a wedding in Italy enough. I am sure wherever you choose will be fabulous!
  • Hi,

    I got married in Italy, Ravello on the Amalfi Coast at the beginning of September - just stunning... my wedding story is on the newlyweds forum somewhere if you want to read the whole story.

    We used Laura Frappa at Exclusive Italy as our wedding planner, she was fantastic from start to post wedding, in fact we are still in touch now!

    The location couldn't have been more beautiful and every one of our guests were just amazed by it all. Food was beautiful, hotels superb and wine just yummy!

    We then went to Sardinia for our honeymoon... again wonderful place, very very quiet and very few of the "usual" tour operators go there so you didn't get the feeling that you were just in a tourist resort which could have been anywhere. Not sure I would choose Sardinia for a wedding tho, I think it is quite a bit more expensive to get too and from and the flights are harder to find for your guests.

    I don't come on here very often anymore but if you want any further advice then just email me and I'll be happy to help.

    Enjoy the planning as the time just flies by!

    MrsJules :\)
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