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Additional Wedding Certificate?


Im getting married later this year in Mauritius.

Does anyone know if you can get more than one copy of the wedding certificate while we are there?

Thank you.


  • I'm sorry, I don't know the answer to your question. I think you can get a solicitor in the UK to do certified copies though but I'm not sure how much it costs. I see from your ticker your wedding is the same week as mine, I'm getting married in Mauritius on 6th November 2012! Which hotel are you getting married at?
  • NowMrsMackNowMrsMack Posts: 2,535
    Yah you can, but you have to order them in advance! S when you next have a meeting with your vicar/registrar, mention it as they won't sign it on the day if you haven't given advanced warning!

    Think each extra certificate is about £5.
  • Thank you for your replies.

    Sarahg1923 - I am getting married at Shanti Maurice. Where are you getting married?
  • sarahg1923sarahg1923 Posts: 8
    Hi beachbride2b2012. I'm getting married at Le Canonnier. Shanti Maurice looks lovely, we will both have an amazing wedding!
  • Thank you Sarahg, you will have an amazing wedding, the Le Canonnier looks amazing, we did look at it as an option but as there will just be the two of us going we decided on a smaller hotel.

    Starting to feel a little nervous now!
  • sarahg1923sarahg1923 Posts: 8
    It was so hard choosing where to go the hotels all seem fantastic. We chose Le Canonnier because our preferred location was North West and because Beachcomber had so many special offers for weddings and honeymoons. I am not nervous yet, mainly because we are in the middle of moving house and so there's too much else on my mind. I'm sure I will be though once everything settles down again. Have you got a dress yet? I have got dress and shoes and booked a photographer. Other than that it seems like there's not much else you can do until you get there. There is only the two of us as well which makes it less stressful as we have only ourselves to please.
  • I agree it was hard choosing, there were so many I would like to visit.

    Were your family ok with you going alone? My mum is a little disappointed but understands why we want to go alone.

    I am struggling with dress because i have fallen in love with all the styles i didnt think i would like or be able to wear for a beach wedding but it needs to be fairly light weight - taffeta/organza to transport. Did you find it hard to choose?
  • sarahg1923sarahg1923 Posts: 8
    Hi, I've sent you a PM as I think we've gone off the original subject - hope it works !
  • We married in Mauritius (just the two of us! Link to a thread with pics in my signature box below)

    We were given four copies of our marriage certificate no extra charge!!

    Sarah, we fancied 'the cannon' as we called it but couldn't get in on dates we had free! Good luck, enjoy, I know it will be amazing!!! X
  • Thanks neenaww, I'm very excited now, only four and a half months to go! I have read lots of lovely reviews of Le Canonnier on trip advisor, particularly from people who have got married there. I hope everything goes as well for us as it did for you. Mauritius in general looks amazing. Did you go on any trips while you were there?
  • We just went into Port Louis & visited Grand Bay for a couple of days out of the hotel.

    But to be honest the hotel and staff where so lovely we had no need to leave!

    We both work hard & long hours so we needed the complete chilled out relaxing type holiday.

    It is a beautiful island though, we had the holiday of a lifetime, we plan to go back at some point if we can!

    You will both love it, can't wait to see the photos!!! X
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