Aisle of love or Medweds? Cyprus wedding planners...


Has anybody used or are currently using Aisle of love or Medweds wedding planners? If so, how have you found them and why did you chose them over other planners?

Any recommendations?



  • I decided not to use any planners and do it myself but met with Medweds while out there last year and they are very nice, one lady is quite new so not as up to date on information as the manager but I personally would say IOL as there prices are cheaper, Medweds were quite dear on some things x
  • rocco2012rocco2012 Posts: 67
    Oh right, thanks. I will ask for a price list from medweds to compare then!

    Thanks again!
  • I am using MedWeds and they have been really good. They do packages and sort literally everything for you including hair and make up! Have only had contact with them through emails but they are very quick replying to emails! When are you getting married and where?
  • rocco2012rocco2012 Posts: 67
    We havent booked anything yet as the brochure isnt out yet but we are hoping for sept 2013 at capo bay in cyprus.

    Where are u getting married? What made u chose medweds above any other planner? X
  • Try Stella at Zaffrons. She's very good.
  • I am currently using Kerry @ Aisle of Love and having been in touch with her for quite some time I am very happy with her service. Her prices are also good.

    I personally would prefer to use a planner for peace of mind, as you never know what might not fall in to place and you've always got your planner to sort out any problems that might occur (hopefully not).
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    Iam also using medweds and Helen has been really helpful my wedding is booked for 2013, we are going over in two months and she is going to meet us and take us round a few reception venues which is good.

    I really wanted a planner to do all paperwork and get some good recommendations.I would defo recommend them image
  • Donna1983Donna1983 Posts: 89
    I used Medweds for my wedding at the Grecian Park last year, and I can't speak highly enough of them. I thought they were excellent.

    My flowers were perfect - exactly the same as the photo that I had sent them. Also the photographer that they arranged for us was brilliant and really friendly.

    Donna x
  • jujoukjujouk Posts: 147
    You need to contact Karen, she used to be a wedding co-ordinator for Olympic she now works independantly, we are using her for our renewal of vows.!/pages/The-wedding-Organisers-Coordinators-Cyprus-Photopia-Gardens-of-Eden/101541106590719
  • I was an Aisle of Love Bride to be but yesterday they went into liquidation( done a runner)  however lots of us brides to be are now left in a big mess we dont know what has been booked for us and we have lost our money too.

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    Aisle of love I'd a runner, meld weds just been sold four seasons hotel Limassol perfect. Have thorn planner. Olympic do not let you have own phtogher etc
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