Amalfi Coast brides?

Hi everyone,

I am new on this forum as we have just decided we want to get married on the Amalfi coast in Italy.

Are there any brides getting married in the same area? how have you found the planning?




  • Hi Charlie,

    I'm hopefully getting married in Maiori on the Amalfi coast, going over on Friday to look at venues, can't wait!

    Have you got any ideas where you would like to get married?

    When are you hoping to get married?

    I haven't started planning properly yet as I want to pick the venue first. I am definitely having a wedding planner though, some people can do it themselves but I think that depends how organised you are!

  • Hi Lou,

    How exciting, you are going over on Friday, I'm sooo jealous!

    Funnily enough we are just finalising our wedding in Maiori!!!!! image

    We are lucky in the fact we have quite a few friends in the village so are going to try and organise most of it ourselves. We are going to get someone to do the official stuff for us though as I would be too scared that i would forget something or do something wrong!

    What venues are you going to look at? Are you planning on getting married in the town Hall? We looked at quite a few place in Ravello but Maiori is where my fiance has been visiting for a long time!

    We have planned for June 2014 as I won't to give our guests plenty of time to save to come over, when are you planning for?


  • Mummy-LouMummy-Lou Posts: 191
    We're getting married in sorrento this August image

    The ceremony is at the cloisters of San fransesco then reception at the relais blu, can't wait now! X
  • Oh my goodness, you must be super excited!!

    What photographer are you having? and who is doing your hair?

    Are you having a late afternoon wedding?


  • Hi Mummy-lou, we're getting married in Scotland in June but are having our honeymoon at the relais blu, it looks gorgeous doesn't it? image
  • Hi Charlie,

    What a lovely coincidence!

    We're hopefully getting married next July, we told people over a year ago that we were getting married abroad, this is just the first opportunity we've had to go over!

    I'm guessing you would recommend Maiori then? I was a little bit nervous as it doesn't seem as popular as the rest of the Amalfi coast?

    We're looking at the town halls in Maiori and Ravello, I've got my heart set on the Torre Normanna for the reception but obviously that's the most expensive!

    We're also going to look at the art restaurant and capo d'orso.

    Have you got any ideas where you will be holding your reception?

    I'm so excited to have found another Maiori bride!

    Lou xx
  • Mummy-LouMummy-Lou Posts: 191
    Hey Charlie,

    Our photographer is Luigi Soldati. I'm not sure who I've got for my hair as I just booked it through my co-ordinator, I'm having a trial beforehand though when we arrive.

    Ahhh Lindsay I'm so jealous! I'm super excited to get over there, my freind stayed at the relais blu last year and she said it was amazing,especially the views. Antonino the manager seems lovely, he's really good at organising things for us! X
  • Mummy-Lou I'm jealous of you! Just read your planning thread, sounds amazing, my wedding ring is very similar to yours, can't beat a wee bit of bling. I've got six weeks to go till I get married but think I'll still come on here afterwards to see your pics, which will no doubt be stunning image
  • Hi Lou,

    Maiori is fab,we love it. It is not as touristy as the other places and has a proper Italian buzz, Ravello is very beautiful and the views are amazing.

    The Town hall in Ravello has a lovely setting as it has a walkway up to it, so looks really pretty in pics, there is also a lovely garden with amazing views just opposite. The Town hall in Maiori isn't particularly pretty from the outside but has been refurbed so looks lush inside (only seen a pic).

    The town hall in Maiori is on the main street so lots of locals around, it also has a pretty little garden next to it where the local band often plays. I like both Town halls for different reasons.

    The Torre Normanna is such a fab place to have a wedding and I love it as it is round inside and all white linen. I haven't been to the Capo d'orso but bet it would have nice views.

    Do you know how many guests are going to be able to come to the wedding?I have no idea how many guests I will have. We are inviting about 80.

    Are you meeting anyone to Show you around Ravello, we had a lovely guy show us some venues if you need some help.


  • Hi Charlie,

    Thanks for the info, we're meeting up with a wedding planner named Mena, she's been so helpful so far.

    I can't wait to see these places in real life, I think I am leaning more towards Maiori as a base, mainly because it has a beach!

    Half my guests will want to go sightseeing and the other half will sunbathe for two weeks!

    We are probably going to invite about 50 but I think the final number will be nearer 30.

    Are you going to go over to look at venues or do you think you've seen enough to know which one you want?

    I'm hoping we can set a date this weekend so I can start sending out save the date cards!

    Lou xx
  • Hi Ladies,

    We are getting married in Sorrento in four weeks! It's come round so fast! We are pretty much there with most of our planning now.

    Has anybody any information on Hairdressers in Sorrento? I have organised to have my hair done through the hotel we are staying in but the lady is quite expensive. I was thinking of booking my three bridesmaids into a salon in the town instead to save some money. Does anybody have any recommendations?


  • Charlie_C1Charlie_C1 Posts: 26
    Hi Lou,

    How did you get on? have you decided on anything?

    We have finally decided on July 1st 2014 in Maiori Town Hall.

    I'm so excited image

    Charlie x
  • Hi All,

    I came across this thread when looking for the cost of getting married in Maiori's Town Hall. I'm having my religious ceremony and reception on 12th July 2013 in capo d'Orso. My civil ceremony will be the day before in the Town Hall. I'm so excited image. And it's so nice to hear that other people are getting married in the same place. I have a planner but I'm very much involved with the organization and I'm currently doing a lot of research on accommodation.

    If you'd like any advice or anything, let me know and I'll be glad to help image

    Alex xxx
  • Hi Italybride image

    I just looked up Norman Tower and all I can say is wow!

    I went to the Amalfi Coast last March for one day and my Wedding Planner drove me all along the coast to visit different venues.  She completely missed the Norman Tower, probably because it's out of my budget but I'll definitely dine there on my next trip.  I haven't actually been to the Maiori Town center yet but from all the reviews I've read, I think it was the perfect choice.  Well... fingers crossed, anyway.

    When will you be getting married?  And if you don't mind me asking, how much are you paying to get married at the Town Hall?


    Alex xxx

  • Hi, has anybody viewed Torre la cerniola in Erchie? We are going to Italy in a few weeks to view venues but I'm aware it's not a great time of year so we'll need to use our imagination! We're hoping to marry in September 2013 so want to get things booked on our visit there.

  • Thanks I'm looking forward to our trip! We are in contact with a couple of wedding planners but Torre La Cerniola have their own wedding planner, Carmen, and currently they are offering to collect people from Naples airport, show them round the venue then put them up in a hotel for the night. A great offer we thought! Whilst there we are viewing 3 other venues through a different wedding planner, one of which is the Norman tower. Although Torre La Cerniola is a bit off the beaten track, we are planning to marry in Ravello and Carmen has quoted us transport to pick up people from hotels along the coast, and take them to the ceremony, reception then back to hotels at night so hopefully it won't be too tricky. Can you hire the Norman tower for exclusive use?

    Thanks x

  • Thanks Italy bride, we had been advised of the drive time from Ravello to Erchie but it makes a big difference if it is bumpy and uncomfortable. We like the idea of an outdoor ceremony, but didn't think the gardens at Maiori seemed as nice. Hopefully we will view these places on our trip. Carmen did suggest arriving at Erchie by boat which would still involve an initial drive from Ravello down to the coast to then board a boat. I guess arriving by boat is also an option from Maiori. In terms of wedding planners, we have contacted a few including La Calla but have ended up having most contact with Rosa at Weddings Made In Italy as she suggested a couple of different properties we liked the look of which others hadn't. However, as I had contacted loads of different planners in a mad flurry once we got engaged(!) I got a bit muddled with who had emailed what! Unfortunately Rosa is in the UK for winter, and Italy for summer so won't be there when we visit in December. Although she has arranged the viewings for us, we are having to hire a car and find them ourselves- it would have been nice for someone to take us really. I will keep La Calla in mind, and will ask the staff at Torre Normanna about them when we visit, thanks for the advice! Do Torre Normanna let you continue the party until late? Also, is there space there to have the reception outside (one large table for 40 people)? Sorry for all the questions image ! x

  • Thanks Italybride, don't worry you didn't sound bossy I'd rather know the full picture! Carmen told us they have had couples who married in Ravello and has reception in Erchie and was quite positive about it. I really don't want the day ruined by traffic though!

    Thanks for you help, maybe Maiori will be the place for us! x

  • We have just returned from our trip to the Amalfi coast, so thought I would post an update!

    By far our favourite venues were Torre La Cerniola and Torre Normanna. I think if I had seen TN first we would have chosen there, but I already had my heart set on TLC, so we are sticking with that choice. I like the fact that it is in a quiet village, the exclusive use, and the little suprises like the suite at the top just for the bride and groom on their wedding night!

    We hired a car and drove along the coast from Salerno- we were worried about the roads but actually it was OK- we took it really slow, and found the places quite easily. We also stopped at Capo D'orso on the way past for lunch- we were the scruffiest people in there and I couldn't believe how expensive it was! Lovely food though.

    We looked at Maiori and Ravello regarding the ceremony. I agree that both are lovely in their own way, but we just loved the garden in Ravello. We were advised that cars can drop off at Hotel Palombo next to the garden, so no need to climb all the steps from the main square- I certainly wouldn't fancy that in a weddind dress!

    So.. looks like we are sticking with our original plan of Ravello and TLC! Regarding travel between the two, we will have a bus to take our guests down to the coast, then a boat ride into Erchie. I hope that splitting the journey so it's partly by boat will make it more bearable, and hopefully our guests will enjoy the suprise of a boat trip. I also think TLC will look so stunning being approached via the sea. In the end we decided the inconvenience was worth it to have the wedding we really want.

    I also took your advice re: wedding planners, and met with Marianna- I agree, she i very good. She is by far the best and most organised planner we met, and we are hoping La Calla will plan our wedding (subject to a little tactful negotiating as TLC have their own planner who we also met, but whom predominantly works with Italian's)

    I'm sooooo excited!!!!

  • Thanks Italybride. Yes, the traffic is a real concern in the summer. The date we originally wanted is already booked at TLC- it is a Friday in September, so now we have to choose the Thursday or Saturday- annoy our guests at having to book an extra day off work (thurs) or face even more traffic (sat). Tough decision!

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