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Hi there,

I have read that you are getting married in Cyprus and that Georgina is the wedding coordinator. Have you got her email address please. I'm getting married on 3rd Aug and I would like to try and find out the time and other stuff.



email: [email protected]


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    Hi Pammie, im so sorry i didn't reply sooner, haven't bin on the site for ages and only just seen it.

    The email is [email protected]

    So far she has been helpful, sending me menus and offering advice and stuff. She also gave me the time of the wedding, 4pm which i was happy with as didn't want to get married any earlier. Hope she can help you.

    Where are you getting married? We are getting married on 9th october and staying at the adams beach hotel in nissi bay.

    Take care, Janey x

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  • wedcowedco Posts: 268

    Aren't you leaving today???

    Send me a text when you get here, my number is 00357 99075928

    Have a great flight

    Kerry x
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