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Sat at my desk trying not to cry...


DHL has lost our documents that we have sent to the wedding planner for our wedding in Greece a month today. We have the option of getting all documents issued again, legalised again and me flying out to deliver them - will cost us approx £400, or I am considering getting married over here before we go and having a blessing when we get there...but don't know if we need any documents for this? Does anyone know?

Actually sat here at my desk trying not to cry...

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  • Oh No!! Oh you must be gutted!!

    I don't think you need any documents to get married over here, just usual stuff like birth certificate, depending if you wanted to get married in a church or office. In a church it is more complicated as you need your bands to be read I think. (don't quote me on this)

    You could get married over here, we were thinking of doing that as it would be much easier, when we were thinking of it we weren't even going to tell anyone just let everyone think the blessing abroad is the wedding.

    Think what a fun secret it would be knowing you were married but nobody else knowing!

    I hope you decide without to much stress!

    Charlie x
  • Jokaty82Jokaty82 Posts: 1,908
    Oh poor you!! Do you have to send the documents before you go? Sorry stupid question maybe, but for Cyprus we just take them with us, then go to the town hall one morning.

    Do they know where they have lost them? I am sure if you re-sent them again it couldnt happen twice. Things don't often get lost. Could you not send originals, then email scanned copies?? Maybe they would understand if they happened to get lost a second time which is highly unlikely xx
  • Did your fee to DHL include insurance? If you're not sure, might be worth asking?

    Hope you get it sorted soon!
  • ozzukozzuk Posts: 3
    Rhianna, are you using Lindos weddings or another planner? maybe you could go on to the facebook page and see if any of the other brides leaving earlier could take them for you when they go to Lindos? that way you could get them reissued and legalised here ...
  • nats2013nats2013 Posts: 6,253
    what are DHL doing to rectify or compensate you for THEIR FK up???

  • Been on the phone to DHL loads...once the docs get to Athens they get passed to a 3rd party agent and this is where they have disappeared, they can't tell me if there is just a problem with delivery because there was any info missing or if they have been lost. They said they only insure docs up to £20.00!! I sent them through work's account (I work for JD Sports) so if they have been lost I'll be doing my upmost to make sure we move our thousands of pounds a year accout elsewhere!!

    I am with Lindos weddings so that's a good plan to get on the facebook page and see if anyone would take them out for us...thanks ozzuk!! Just a pain to have to pay for new Birth Certs and legalisation again (comes to £200!!) We got wedding insurance but apparently only covered for loss of docs within 1 week of the wedding!!!

  • That is simply not acceptable - DHL are resposible for paying for any replacements if they've lost them - it's utterly irrelevant at what stage of the process they've lost them, you paid them to do a service and they've not done it

    I wouldn't drop it, they need to compensate you to the value of the documents or find them - escalate your complaint and put it in writing
  • Heard off the wedding planner...she has received a call from DHL now saying they need to deliver a parcel to her so hopefully it will be mine!! xxx
  • MissJ84MissJ84 Posts: 272
    oh let us know asap! it sounds awful but hopefully (fingers crossed) now it will be sorted! and DHL, i'd complain for all the stress and worry! x
  • What a terrible situation, i really hope that the documents turn up and you can go ahead as planned.

    IF you do decide to get married (well the legal paperwork malarky) in this country you will need to 'give notice' with your local council. My Fiance and I are doing all the legal part in this country and then having a blessing in Italy so we have had to give notice in this country. It has saved us a lot of ag with the paperwork in Italy (wedding planners cost £1000+) and it means we can make our ceremony really personal.

    Hopefully it will not come to this, it's an ideal solution for us but I understand that if you've planned to legally get married in Cyprus that's what you want to do and an alternative solution is not ideal.

  • Just an update for everyone...Docs have been delivered today! Feel so relieved, thanks to everyone for their support and kind messages! It turns out they were in Rhodes all along but couldn't deliver because they didn't have a phone number for the wedding tip - if you use DHL make sure you put the recipients phone number on the booking form!

    Rhiannon xxx
  • SheraleighdSheraleighd Posts: 1,336
    Oh thank gawd for that chick!

    Bet you coulda done without that stress though eh, bloody delivery companies- seems like they all have a problem with the most basic part of their jobs... delivering! image

    Hopefully no more hiccups and you can just sit back and relax now.

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