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Stressing Out!!!

Hello Ladies,

Ok so this is my story - Me and my partner have large family, to invite our close family to our wedding (if we had it in england) would cost IN FOOD ONLY £7833.60 OMG! so we decided that we would like to go abroad, we chose the hotel - The Olympic Lagoon Resort in Cyprus, I went to get the prices as they only came out today and they are so much more expensive for next year than this - for a family of four is will cost £3200 for a weeks holiday!!!

Some of my family are trying to perswade me to get married here but now i really like the idea of going abroad - I have NO IDEA what to do, I feel pressured to book soon as the places at this hotel go really really fast but am getting confussed and STRESSED

is anyone going through the same??


  • People don't have to stay in the same resort just because that's where you want to get married - we're getting married in Cyprus in August and people are staying in all differnt hotels, we've left it totally up to them depending on their budgets

    We went to our friends wedding there last year and all their guests did the same too, we all stayed where we liked
  • fawny2fawny2 Posts: 174

    Yes the prices do seem a lot higher this year at the moment. I'd just hang on a few weeks & see if they drop if you can. As already said people don't have to stay with you they can stay elsewhere. We are getting married in Lindos this year & we have guests staying all over. We looked at the prices this morning to stay where we are for next year & it's quiet a bit more than we paid this time last year when they were released.

    If it's what you really want then go for it, but you might just have to accept that you might not have many guests with you.
  • MrsH2013MrsH2013 Posts: 842
    So I'm not the only one who noticed the price increases! I'm getting married in lindos next June and we are quite keen to book soon so we know how much to save and can give guests a rough idea of where they can stay. ( we are just suggesting staying near each other not the same hotel)

    Maybe we should wait for prices to drop but it's hard when we've been waiting ages already and we're excited haha!

    I would still get married abroad as like other people said, guests can stay in dif hotels and hopefully they'll be something in everyone's price range! Xx
  • charlyne2charlyne2 Posts: 27
    Thank you for your advice ladies, We have agreed that despite the mother in law dropping hints trying to get us to do it here we are still going to go abroad, We LOVE the place and have lots of ideas, I am thinking of starting a wedding blog towards the end of the year for my family that wont be able to come, the ones who I am close to but live in different contries and mostly for my 90yr old nan. This will have a little write up every now and then about how things are going and on the day we get married |I am going to do a link so that my nan can watch live when we get married!
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