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Any other Santorini Brides!!!

Hi Girls,

My date is May 30th 2013, Venue: Santa Irene Chapel and reception at Theros Wave bar!.

I have booked my hotel last week, 2 weeks in Kamari Beach hotel image

I cant wait!!, im so excited now. I just wanted to know if there was any other Brides getting married or who have gotten married there, just to swap tips and stories!!! image xx xx xx


  • Lizard83Lizard83 Posts: 189
    My cousin got married in Santorini in 2009 and it was a fantastic wedding. Everyone had a great time and we still talk about it! We all stayed in Perissa which is a lovely little town with some great bars! Took about 30 mins in a coach with they had arranged to get to the venue for the wedding which was outside overlooking the sea. The reception was in a vine yard, the food and wine was fantastic! We hired quad bikes one day and explored the Island, all of it is beautiful. Great wedding and great holiday

    Hope you have a great wedding xx
  • Awww sounds lovely!!!, i looked at Perissa but ended up going for Kamari, Perissa is the next reosrt along though apparently. A few people in my family were thinking of hiring quads to explore as its supossed to be a beautiful place.! image i really cant wait!!!.... a year seems ages away xx xx
  • Dan0109Dan0109 Posts: 114
    My date is sat 1st september, married at Santo winery, followed by pyrgos restaurant.

    Staying in kamari for 2 weeks! It can't come quick enough!!!!!
  • MrsAtkinsonMrsAtkinson Posts: 63
    Hi all! Another Santorini bride here image

    Getting married the 21st June 2013.

    Ceremony - Santo Winery

    Reception - Pyrgos Restaurant

    Staying at Mill Houses at Firostefani and can't wait!!! image

    Going in October to visit all the places and meet out planner image
  • Dan0109 - have you booked up your hotel yet? i have ready really good reviews about Kamari!! image

    Awww your both Pyrgos Taverna then, i looked at that and it looked stunning i must say, my Wedding planner said it was a real fave and gorgeous!!.... Santo winery looks amazing to i watched a programme about it on the wedding channel before.

    Have you both booked your weddings through wedding planners or the travel agents?? xx xx
  • Dan0109Dan0109 Posts: 114
    Yes, I booked mine up straight away I'm in Aegean plaza and some guests in the same hotel as you. Kamari's Ment to be lovely, I have so many guests it should cater for everyone! I'm using michael from weddings-in-santorini. Mines all done just dreaded paperwork to do!have you booked up much?
  • tjsuttontjsutton Posts: 21
    Hi SantoriniBride2b,

    We'll be there at the same time as we're getting married on May 28th next year!! Ceremony at Santo Winery and reception hopefully at Atmosphere but we've not booked that yet! We haven't booked our hotel yet but it will be in Perissa. We're trying to find out if it would be better to book the hotel ourselves or go through the wedding planner, what did you do?

    It's so exciting!!!! image
  • I have my venues over there booked and my hotel and my uk reception!!! Got everythink else to do tho!!!! Lol, i will start making sum dents into my planning when i get back from holiday in a few weeks,, yhh we will two days before me then u!!! It is really exciting i cant wait!!! We used ionian weddings for our planners and booked our hotel thru tompson as flights to santorini are pretty pricey and it worked out cheaper as a package deal!!! I want it to b here now!!! Xx xx xx
  • zoecnzoecn Posts: 84
    Hi All,

    I think I'm the only 2014 Santorini Bride here, but I'm super excited image .

    Getting married in 11th july 2014.

    Ceneromy: Dana Villas - Firostefani

    Reception ; Ochre Restaurant - Oia

    I haven't decided the hotel yet, but will be 1 week in Oia.

    No thing booked yet, accept for wedding planner. Thinking we will book in the next month for Dana Villas, and provisional book for Reception Venue.

    Have anyone decided where to have your honeymoon yet? I'm thinking about Milos for 1 week, and then Venice for 4 days.
  • Hi

    Not long for us now image we get married on 11 august at Dana villas and our reception is at Argo in Fira. We've booked through Amalia at Poema and she has been amazing over the last 12 months of us planning. We're booked our flights with thomson and booked through holiday lettings to stay in a villa called La Maison in Monolithos and our guests are sfayig in Kamari. Weve got an appointment with the registrar on the 25 may to start sorting out all the paperwork.

    Can't wait image
  • Sounds lovely everyone!!! image Its so exciting getting married abroad i think. We are going to Honeymoon in either Jamaica or Mexico not sure yet as we got engaged in mexico and loved it!!! image

    Cant wait to go to Santorini looks so beautiful! xx xx
  • zoecnzoecn Posts: 84
    Fully agreed SantoriniBride2b, Santorini looks amazing. Jamaica and Mexio sounds great. I wish we if we can stretch out our honeymoon budget. image

    Good luck with all your planning, hopalong_album, and cant wait to see your reviews. And agree Poema is wonderful.

    We have sorted out our guests list (it's keeping on getting bigger 8) ), deciding the date, receiving draft budget costs from our wedding planner so that we can start saving. Now need to work out few other things relating to the budget with the wedding planner, and time frame of the wedding date.

    What time does everyone plan to have their ceremony and reception? I want to have 2 hours photoshoot location between the ceremony and reception, but dont know what the guests can do in 2 hours. I'm thinking buffet deserts serving with drinks ??? I dont want to spend on finger food food because I dont want the guests getting too full before the reception. image
  • CazLou24CazLou24 Posts: 43
    I'm a santorini bride image 8 weeks to go! We are having our ceremony at the Santo Winery and our reception at the Santorini Princess Hotel. We visited santorini last year and I can honestly say it's THE most incredible place!! (and I've done a bit of travelling)

    All of our guests are staying in kamari, 32 to of us - cannot wait!!!
  • Always nice to hear positive things from pple who have been, bet your so excited now, hope it goes great!!!

    Zoecn - i am having mine around sunset so i can get pictures with the gorgeous sunset in, which my wedding planner has said is lovely, my guests will be transported to the reception venue and we will then arrive after photos,, xx xx
  • MrsAtkinsonMrsAtkinson Posts: 63
    Zoecn:We have our guest having a champagne reception at the restaurant before we arrive and probably some finger food - I think. isn't until June 21st 2013 - so haven't thought of all those ins and outs yet image

    As June 2012 approaches I can't believe that it will almost be 1 year to go...the last 6 months have flown by!
  • thrashtobethrashtobe Posts: 30
    Hi Girls

    Im not getting married in Santorini but had a holiday their last year it is a gorgeous island and we stayed in Oia.

    Oia is fab! some nice places to eat.
  • MrsAtkinsonMrsAtkinson Posts: 63
    Anyone worried about the new Greek elections. Do you think this will impact on our weddings?

    Bit worried about it - but so far doesn't seem to be an issue but my family and friends seem a little wary image
  • Hi Mrs Atkins,

    I think we should be okay! i have followed the problems in greece for a while now and i think it shouldnt impace us. Greece make alot of money of tourism and weddings and i dont think a new government will change any of that. The only thing i have been wandering was if they would drop out of the Euro and go back to Drachma, which to be fair wouldnt be a bad thing as everything would be alot cheaper for us. But from the reports and political reports it wont affect us at all, just things to do with Greek nationals and the way the country is run, i wouldnt worry hunny. image xxx
  • dizzy82dizzy82 Posts: 3
    we've just booked for 23rd June 2013! Dana villas followed by Pygros taverna, cant believe its a whole year away tho! we went for a consultation with Grace at Ionian wedding,so have booked through them!Just doing our save the dates at the moment. Think there is going to be a lot of us sending out 80 invites and a lot of people seem keen! eek!
  • Hi dizzy82 sounds good!!! i always deal with Grace at Ionian weddings!! image she has been really good! I know, i booked mine last year in August and now i have just over 11 months to go, Cant wait!! image Wow thats alot of people! we invited 26 people but quite a few have dropped out so were looking at about 25 now! xx xx
  • Im a Santorini bride!! Im a complete rookie though so hoping you brides to be can offer me some advice!

    I know nothing about wedding planners but had a look at Poema and Ionian weddings as you have mentioned that they have been great. How do the payments work? E.g. can you pay in installments as we are only starting to save now and planning to get married in 2014.

    So exciting! Some of the weddings are so soon! xx
  • Quoted:
    Im a Santorini bride!! Im a complete rookie though so hoping you brides to be can offer me some advice! I know nothing about wedding planners but had a look at Poema and Ionian weddings as you have mentioned that they have been great. How do the payments work? E.g. can you pay in installments as we are only starting to save now and planning to get married in 2014. So exciting! Some of the weddings are so soon! xx

    Congratulations!!!! image i paid an initial deposit of about 750 pounds i think and the rest of the money doesnt have to be paid until 3 months before the wedding because all the time you are planning guests numbers can go up and down and you may want to add or drop things, they are really flexible with the packages aswell, so you dont have to worry about paying anything while you are saving for it! xx xx
  • Thats amazing news!! Thanks SantoriniBride2b...I feel so overwhelmed at the moment and dont even know where to start! With your planners do they provide the decorations or do you? Im quite specific about what I want so am worrying that I'll have to bring loads of things with me...xx
  • They are able to provide certain things such as flower centrepeices etc, also depending on your venue i think depends on how much you need to decorate it, I am having Theros wave bar for my reception and looking at the pictures from my wedding planner and on their website i really dont think i need to go over board with the decorations as its a totally stunning venue which pretty much speaks for itself,! I am thinking of buying some tradition greek vases/urns while im there and just getting some of the ivy and wrapping it round as my centerpeices, maybe incoportaing some shells around the bottom as it is next to the sea, i am planning to take the little stands for the table names with me and also a table plan but i wont really be taking to much. you can request venue decorations of them and they will let you know what they can supply, i have bought just a few table cyrstals and some bubbles etc, nothing to big.

    You can always ship your things over if you end up with alot you want to take.

    Have you chosen your venue yet? xx xx
  • Hi ladies,

    We've just booked our wedding for June 6th 2013! So excited now we have set the date! Just wondering how people are going about getting their guests to Santorini? Have you made a group booking or are you leaving people to their own devices? xxx
  • SantoriniBride2b: Id love to have Dana Villas, thats what made us decide to get married abroad as we just fell in love with it and Theros wave bar looks amazing too but not sure how pricey that would be- were trying to keep costs down as much as possible...I'd like a shabby chic meets greek theme (if thats even possible!!)

    MellyandSte: good question about group bookings or individual! I have no clue what we'll do but have a little while to wait as were only getting married in 2014 xx
  • Awwww sounds gorgeous, im having a greek theme aswell image!!!!

    We have left people to do their own booking, travel agents can link them tough, all my family booked at the same time but because not everyone will b booking up at the same time, not all our guests will be in the same hotel either. We are staying kamari as the hotels are reasonably priced and its a beach resort image xx xx xx
  • Hi Ladies

    Can I ask you a quick question please? image

    Have you booked a photographer out there? If you could book a UK photographer within budget that would fly out there and shoot your wedding would you? Perhaps you would like to meet them here before hand etc.

    Just curious as I've had a thought about something but not sure whether I should go ahead with it xxx
  • I looked into that with a photographer ive been speaking with who quoted me approx 1000 pounds for the day, not sure we have the budget for it to honest though although if we did it would be sumthink id definatly go for. Think we will just use the photographer the wedding planner provides xx xx
  • Hi SantoriniBride2b

    If it was something you were considering then I 'might' be able to help? I have few thoughts running around in my head if you wanted to know about them xx
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