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Catholic weddings in Venice - confused...

Hi everyone.

My dream is to get married in a Catholic church in Venice. I was just wondering if anyone had done this and could help in any way. I have contacted a few sites on the Internet but they have not been very helpful. One told me this would not be possible in Venice specifically unless I got married in a civil service 2-3 days beforehand (not really understanding I want the two in one on the same day) and other websites have glossed over this but given me quotes starting from 2300 euros just to hire the church for 45 minutes - that's before I've even hired a priest!

I'm rapidly going off the idea as a result but would like to get a date and plan sorted asap for summer 2013.

Any help/advice much appreciated!

Thanks x


  • Meandyou21Meandyou21 Posts: 1
    Hi Christina, i can suggest you to contact and say this contact gave you Vito.

    She is honest and can help you!! image
  • Lizard83Lizard83 Posts: 189
    Hey, I looked at getting married in Italy for a Catholic wedding but found it really confusing as I got the impression you had to be an orthodox Catholic? I'm now getting married in Las Vegas by a priest in a Catholic Service! xx
  • HollybrideHollybride Posts: 50
    You need to do it through your own church.

    I'm getting married in Rome. Our priest gave us all the contacts and details of English speaking churches. We contacted our favourite church which we had visited before and the priest there booked us in. Easy as that to get a date. X
  • TrainefTrainef Posts: 2
    Hi There, I'm looking to get married in Vegas next year. But only if I can be married in a Catholic church. Not got a clue where to start. Any info would be much appreciated. Frances.
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