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Im getting married in Paphos 2013 and although we've booked the actual wedding at Paphos Town Hall through Thomsom, we want to do the reception ourselves.

We have been recommended to use Ficardo's or Romantica but wondered if anyone else had any suggestions or reviews of these two?

Thanks x


  • kazalakazala Posts: 361
    Ive booked Ficardo's. I did that on the back of the reviews on so if you havent already, have a read of them, they get great reviews. Another popular restaurant seems to be The Windmill. They also have good reviews on tripadvisor.

    And congrats on your wedding booking image x
  • Emmap02Emmap02 Posts: 5
    Yeah i looked at those. Someone i know had their reception at Ficardo's and said it was amazing.

    Ive just emailed the windmill and theyre sending me a menu. Im leaning towards the meze style meal atm i think.

    Thanks, you too image

  • kazalakazala Posts: 361
    Im having meze too. We really liked the idea of doing something authentic and local to Cyprus. Plus there's something for everyone so don't have to worry about fussy eaters lol

    We're having Greek dancers and then iPod music after. When I rang Ficardos to book the table, the guy was so nice. I think his name is nicolai, he said we could go there after the ceremony and have drinks in their garden and sunset photos on their beach, to save paying the hotel for a cocktail hour. He also said we could post favours straight to them to save on

    Luggage on the plane. He was just lovely! X
  • Emmap02Emmap02 Posts: 5
    Yeah, I expect there will be a few fussy eaters at our meal lol.

    Did you pay a deposit just now, and then pay the rest when you get over there?

    That sounds like a great idea with the favours, although I have zero idea what these should be yet.

    thanks for your help image
  • kazalakazala Posts: 361
    He didnt want a deposit until the end of the year. I think he either said september or december. My wedding planner is organisisng all that now image x
  • JaneodJaneod Posts: 16
    I am also having my reception at ficardos in august. I have paid a £200 deposit
  • We've booked Elea - we visited last year and it's beautiful, we're having the meal on the terrace
  • emilyfeeemilyfee Posts: 2
    Hello... we are looking to have our reception at elea. Had an example meal menu off the planner, just wondering what sort of food you are going for???
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