Flower girl and page boy thank you gifts?

Hi I was just wondering what thank you gift anyone else has got for there page boys or flower girls I'm struggling now and am getting married at Nissi Beach hotel 6th July!!!


  • I have ended up getting some bracelets for the girls and cuff links for the boys!
  • welshgracewelshgrace Posts: 1,224
    We have got silver heart necklaces for the girls. Stumped for the boys though tbh. Don't see the point in cuff links at that age, doubt they would be appreciated. I've seen some silver yoyos that can be engraved on eBay which might go down well... Really don't know!! Also we have a 12 yr old usher that is also proving difficult. Any hints welcome x
  • I think giving a bracelet to boys would also be great, well one of the weddings I attended before had given away a small bag of sweets to the flower girls and boys as a thank you gift. The children sure did enjoy the thank you gift
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