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Has anyone used this company? How do you rate them? Thanks image


  • GobsmackedGobsmacked Posts: 17

    Were married in Rhodes a few years ago and initially enquired with a few wedding planning companies, Exquisite being one of them.

    We arranged to meet with them whilst on a pre wedding visit to Lindos the year before we were due to marry and to be honest we ended up using a different company. The lady we met with seemed very nice but we felt our meeting with her was to much like a sales appointment. They had their own boat for hire which was pushed very strongly despite us making it clear that we weren't interested in that particular service. It really kind os put us off and we booked our wedding with someone else.

    Since then I have often looked at various wedding sites from time to time and it looks as though nearly all of their brides and grooms have an almost identical wedding day. a wedding at St paul bay and then a boat trip to the same hotel each time. I suppose it may appeal to some people as it seems a very easy and standard way to arrange things, but I think we made the right decision for us.

    Rhodes seem to have loads of planners there now. My advice would be to send off a few enquiires and then see which one appeals to you most.

    Rhodes is a wonderful place to get married in. We still visit each year and each time we return we always get the same buzz we had when we first went there. Have a fantastic day there image
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