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Annabelle Hotel - would you recommend?

Hi fellow Paphos Brides! I'm having a hard time choosing between the Annabelle and the Athena Beach for our reception in Sept 2013! Athena Beach looks lovely and prob a little more reasonanle in terms of price. But I'm also tempted by the Annabelle - it gets such good reviews! Anyone else getting married or having their reception here??


  • Jokaty82Jokaty82 Posts: 1,908
    I have seen both hotels and both are very lovely, and score highly on trip advisor for reviews. But in my eyes Annabelle is a 5 star, and Athena Beach is a 4 star. I think this is actually the case as well.

    So it depends where you want to stay and what sort of budget you have. Annabelle I would presume would have less weddings because of the higher price xx
  • Fayezee1Fayezee1 Posts: 31

    Im getting married at The Annabelle in Sept this year and i have to say the wedding coordinator Sally has been brilliant so far! Always responds quickly and so helpful!! What made my decision was how lovely the grounds are and heard such lovely reports on it. Hope that helps! I shall post my wedding photos on here when i return im sooooo excited!!

    Faye xx
  • Flowers2013Flowers2013 Posts: 32
    Hiya, my wedding is booked at the Annabelle in April 2013.

    Me and my h2b went out to Cyprus in March and it was a tie between Coral Bay and The Annabelle, but Annabelle ticked more of our boxes. Not only the grounds are lovely but the inside of the hotel gives off a very grand relaxed feel, Also we liked the location more than Coral Bay.

    I do think the prices here are a little higher than other resorts, especially drinks. But I guess it's depends on your budget and how many guests are coming.

    Fayee, ooh it's so exciting only 4months to go. Have you got any more planning to do? May I ask who did you book for photography? Cheers
  • Fayezee1Fayezee1 Posts: 31
    The wedding coordinator booked the photographer for us i think its Fotokinski cant remember the correct spelling! Sally organises everything for you flowers, photography etc she really is great! Have you decided on your dress yet? I have quite a big dress bit nervous about taking on as hand luggage i have a dress bag and hoping i will be allowed to! The nice thing about The Annabelle is that they only have one wedding a day which was so important to me i wasnt keen on seeing other brides on my wedding day image

    so excited!!!

    Faye xx
  • Hi ya,

    Can I be really cheeky and ask what sort of price you are paying for the Annabelle? It does look absolutely gorgeous so I am wandering how much more expensive it is to Coral Beach...

  • Flowers2013Flowers2013 Posts: 32
    Hi ya,

    Can I be really cheeky and ask what sort of price you are paying for the Annabelle? It does look absolutely gorgeous so I am wandering how much more expensive it is to Coral Beach...

    Pm ya..

    Faye, yes I got my dress 2 weeks ago.. I got it at a sample sale, half price image and it's a brand new dress and pretty big too with a train.. Need to lose a dress size though.

    I'm on the hunt for Bmaids dresses as the ones I previosly chose are not flattering on my Girls. I have 5 to dress and they are all diff sizes which is a nightmare for me.

    I've booked a videographer but still not booked photography yet.

    So how long are you staying in Paphos and how many guests are coming? Also are you having any entertainment? Ooh is so exciting to know someone whose having a wedding at the same place as me image
  • Fayezee1Fayezee1 Posts: 31
    Are you going to take your dress on as hand luggage too? I got a great dress bag off ebay that expands at the bottom and has a strap so you can carry it over your shoulder.

    We are staying paphos for 2 weeks staying at the annabelle which is so exciting! I got my bridesmaide dresses from BHS online they are so nice and very flattering as i had to get a range of sizes too worth a look as they always have sales and offers on them! I have 30 guests inc us how many do you have going? We are having a dj/disco after the dinner in one of the private function bars there. Yea its lovely to chat with someone else who is getting married there! Who did you book it all through?

    Faye x
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