Hi everyone,

I am getting married in Protatas in August 2012. I am just getting ready to start sorting out my affidavit and I dont know what I am doing! Has anyone prepared an affidavit before? What do I need to include in my statement?

I am nervous that I am going to arrive in cyprus and I have got it wrong image

Any help and advise will be very much appreciated! Thanks!


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    Yes I did my own and first of all I was the same as you in a mad panic, especially when we got quotes back of £150, £250, £300!!

    I completely panicked as this was not something we budgeted for!!!

    However, firstly do not call it an affidavit, call it a 'Stat dec document'. Solicitors treat these 2 very differently and hence 2 very different prices.

    I drafted mine up from a template I was sent, one for me and one for H2B. Some town halls insist this is on headed paper. I was ok for it not to be. We then took them both to the solicitor, he read them. We had to then repeat a few words after him, we signed our own document, he then signed it, stamped it with the solicitors stamp and stapled a business card to the top of each one.

    Each one cost £6.00. We were told by a friend who works in a solicitors that the standard flat rate fee for witnessing the signing of documents is £5 per document, so should not be charged more than this. I could cope with £1 more!!

    We did not book an appointment, just walked in. But I had emailed them beforehand to check the cost and that they could do it.

    I emailed about 10 solicitors in my area, some came back with horrendous costs still. They were ignored, about 6 came back with the £5-£6 per document, we just picked the one we knew where it was. I have a template, PM me if you would like me to send it.

    I have sent it to Paphos Town Hall and been told it is fine xx
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