How did you decide where to get married abroad?

Hi ladies, I am looking into getting married abroad but can't seem to make my mind up where we actually want to get married abroad. How did you decide?



  • louisec1983louisec1983 Posts: 31
    Hi Simon4Sam,

    I think it depends on what type of wedding you actually want.

    We chose Italy because I wanted something traditional and somewhere with character so we're having a town hall ceremony (it's a 17th century building). We aren't religious so were happy with a civil ceremony. I think getting married in church is a little bit more difficult in certain countries so that's something to take into consideration.

    I took my guests into consideration because a lot of them aren't really beach/sunbathing types so I ruled out Dominican/Mexico type weddings but of course everyone is different so it depends what it most important to you!

    Hope this helps

    Lou x

    PS you can't get officially married in Spain, you can only have a blessing.
  • amyh81amyh81 Posts: 109
    We thought about where was easy to get to and narrowed it down. Our big concerns were for my boyfriends brother who wasn't able to fly so we thought he could drive. Also, we wanted somewhere that had flights everyday so people could come for 1 or 2 nights. We didn't want to dictate anyones holiday plans.

    From that we decided on Portugal. We're getting married next May in the Algarve. We have about 30 people booked already and its still a year away! Most of them are coming for a week but we have lots of people coming for 2 nights. Its pretty inexpensive as the 4 star spa hotel next door is only £40 a room a night.

    We would have loved to go to the Caribbean but it just wasn't practical for us.
  • adelly2005adelly2005 Posts: 194
    We knew we didn't want a big traditional wedding in the UK and we both absolutely love Las Vegas having been there a few times and it's where we got engaged so it made the decision quite easy for us.

    We also thought that it has something for everything - good weather, pools, shows, gambling, sightseeing, shopping so we were pretty sure all our guests (26 of them) would have a great time - which they did! image
  • I knew I didn't want a traditional wedding in the UK. I would have loved the Maldives, but you can't get married there. We got engaged in Paris and I would have loved that too, but you've got to have lived in France for a month before you can get married.

    We settled on New York as it's somewhere we've both been and loved. We had thought a beach wedding, but thought it may not be that suitable for the guests coming with us. It would have forced them to be together all the time. This way, they can stick together or go off and do their own thing. Also, we knew we wanted to get married in August and we should (hopefully)be guaranteed good weather!

    Where are you thinking?
  • Mummy-LouMummy-Lou Posts: 191
    We didn't fancy the big wedding over here, full of people you 'have' to invite and trying to keep everyone happy. We got engaged in Cyprus, and initially we were going to get married there. The things that made us decide personally on Italy (just our preferences so I don't want to offend anyone) were

    We wanted a traditional type wedding - not in a hotel, especially the one we were staying in

    We wanted a reception venue away from the hotel as lots of destination weddings use the All inclusive bit in the hotel

    We wanted a place where it would be special, not a 'typical' holiday hotspot where we would tend to go on our annual family hols

    Within Europe as FIL 2b couldn't manage a long haul flight

    Guaranteed sunshine!

    Hope that helps! X
  • Cyprus for me, (in 15 days!) simply because

    its far enough away the people we don't like won't bother

    its near enough for the people we do like to bother

    its cheap enough for us to pay for the few people we have to pay for

    its got something for everyone, in weather, history, excursions, food

    lovely choice of hotels and villas and good venues for non religious ceremonies

    we've probably been almost every where else between us so didn't want the caribbean (lived there too long, not special enough) would have liked South africa as its our special place but too far for the oldies and too scary for the nervous.
  • Had to be a paradise island, whie sands, clear blue sea and just the 2 of us .... Mauritus won!!


  • We had the same problem as initally always wanted to get married in Mexico. but we decided on Portugal as it was short flight and we wanted as many of our friends to come as possible. This meant that people could come for a weekend or even a night.

    We are marrying in the algarve on sept 27th.

    Good luck x x
  • fawny2fawny2 Posts: 174
    We decided on Lindos in Rhodes because it was the 1st place we went on holiday together so it's a special place for us image We go every year for our main holiday & we love it so it was an easy decision.
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