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Dominican Republic

Hi All

Well we thought we had decided where to get married (Cyprus). Went into travel agents today to ask some questions and they showed us the most amazing place in the Dominican Republic and we're now not sure what to do.

Has or is anyone else planning on getting married out there and if so could you share any hints/ ideas or thoughts?? Would really welcome them.




  • We went to a Wedding in Cyprus in Riu Cypria Bay and it was amazing and a much shorter flight than DR. It depends on what you want, eg more people to come or just a beautiful place. Good luck x x
    I went to the dominic years ago for a holiday. Randomly by pure chance met up with some people who drank in the pub I used to work in. We went to their wedding and it was beautiful!

    We are planning to go here for our honeymoon. The holiday itself was my best ever. So much to do and it's a truly stunning place. image

    If I were going to choose one I would go Dominic myself. You can go to Cyprus anytime. x
  • hoskins2bhoskins2b Posts: 45
    Hi there, We are gettting married in Dominican in November this year, can't wait!! We have been before, it's a lovely place. We are going to Dreams La Romana. Take a look.

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