We have a venue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello all

Two weeks in Portugal and we have finally chosen a venue. Hated Duna Beach (weird, because I thought I'd love it) Didn't like Grande Real Santa Eulalia, or the Sheraton......8 hours later we finally settled on Canico restaurant in Alvor - pics below.

Can't speak highly enough of Carla at Sonho A Dois, she was amazing


  • RinaGeeRinaGee Posts: 751

    This is where we'll have the ceremony
  • RinaGeeRinaGee Posts: 751

    Then we'll come here for cocktails and canapes and pictures
  • RinaGeeRinaGee Posts: 751

    Then over to the restaurant (bad picture, can't find a better one but it's on two floors and then leads directly onto the beach)

  • kazalakazala Posts: 361
    Wow that looks amazing!!! Glad you found somewhere. You didn't like the Sheraton when you went there then? Xx
  • RinaGeeRinaGee Posts: 751
    Hi Kazala

    Thank you so much for sending me through the prices and stuff, so sorry I didn't e mail you back - I totally forgot and then accidentally deleted your e mail!

    Yeah, neither of us were really sold on the Sheraton. I liked all the individual parts of it, but it felt a bit too......grand, for us. I also didn't like how they were trying to charge prices for different parts of the venue you used, and the beach bar wasnt as nice as I imagined.

    Where did you guys opt for in the end???
  • Ah amazing, i also looked here, and hated duna beach...weird??! fits the bill but not for me. We are marrying in the Balaia golf club in Portugal 27th Sept 13! Glad your all sorted...now time to enjoy x x x
  • kazalakazala Posts: 361
    Well you've put my mind at rest that I'm not missing anything at the Sheraton then image

    We've gone for cyprus now. Couldn't find anywhere in Portugal that we loved at the right price. Then we looked at Malta, then settled on Cyprus. Can't wait image

    Congrats on booking your venue it's so exciting isn't it xx
  • MilanMilan Posts: 4

    It looks beautiful, this venue is on my short list image

    Good luck with everything image 

  • bridie73bridie73 Posts: 34

    Duna beach in Lagos it's a great venue for outside blessings too image

  • Mrs 2BMrs 2B Posts: 75

    Wow that looks lovely! must be such a good feelin to have found the place

    i am hopin to get over to Portugal soon in the hunt for venues. Any hints or tips would be much appreciated image

  • Sheena4Sheena4 Posts: 1

    Hi RinaGee!

    We're looking at doing the same for our wedding as we've been there before and both loved it! Can you tell me how it went or if you have any words of advise?



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