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Cancelling wedding... marrying abroad!!

Hi im wanting to cancell my wedding and marry abroad!

We have a house now to pay for and my perspectives have totally changed as to what i spend money on and spending 25k on a wedding is what i now call a lot when we could be spending it on the house. We have worked out it would cost approx 10k for three weeks and the wedding in Florida.

Really could do with some tips and advice on planning ect and where to start




  • adelly2005adelly2005 Posts: 194
    Hello! Having just got married in Vegas I can say I do think you get more for your money abroad! Firstly I would google research the wedding planning companies who specialise in Florida weddings who will probably book the whole package for you - this can include Virgin Holidays who do weddings abroad.

    You can then then look into the booking seperately route to compare costs, which is going to the wedding venues direct and booking with them as they should have their own wedding planners, then you book the hotel and wedding reception seperately.

    Have a think about location, such as how far the ceremony will be from your hotel and reception so you don't have transport worries and additional cost. See if any of the hotels which offer discounts for your guests.

    Try and find a chat forum online for brides that are marrying in Florida and you can find recommendations for these things.

    Happy planning! image
  • augbride2baugbride2b Posts: 16
    We are getting maried this aug, in zante,Greece.The actual wedding day is costing about £5000 for 30 of us but this includes everythin we wanted plus more. Meals, flowers, drinks, decorations, disco, grek dancers, fireworks, photos, transfers to and from venue etc. plus all translations,documents, meetings etc. Just wanted all the hassle bits taken out. Gone through the bridal and met with them in this country so able to speak to them in person.

    We then booked our accom as a holiday package through thomas cook, you then have the extra cost of holiday, spendo, wedding attire, rings etc. but still really happy with doing it this way. hope this helps and good luck with your planning xx
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