AposItille stamp- Santorini Greek wedding

hi, just wondering if anyone can help me!

I need to get my paperwork stamped and it is all looking very expensive. Does anyone know where they got there apositille stamps from at a good price?

Any info will be great

X x x x


  • We have just had ours back today. We sent them to fco in Milton Keynes it was 30 a document plus 6 postage for sending them back. The registrar told us to send them there so I'm not sure it's the cheapest place. It was expensive but I posted them on Monday evening and we got them back today with the apostille stamp so they were really quick x
  • fawny2fawny2 Posts: 174

    Have a read here if you have not already


    To be honest I though this was the only place you could get it done. We are just waiting for our CNI to come back & then we will be sending ours.
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