Having a nightmare!

Hi Brides to be,

I'm after some advice.I booked my holiday to paphos-cyprus 7 weeks ago through a travel agent along with my 25 guests.I Still have no date and have no confidence at all in the girl organising my wedding.She has spelt my guests names wrong, hasnt noted down when guests have paid their deposits.I have paid my wedding package deposit but i am willing to lose that if it means booking through a co-ordinator and feeling at ease and confident.

The most annoying thing is i booked my wedding on brochure launch day to ensure i got my date and now that will stand for nothing if i cancel.I understand alot of you ladies have organised your weddings through a wedding planner and i was wondering does it work out more expensive doing it this way and am i likely to get my requested day for next year image.Also any recommendations of wedding planners over there that i could contact?

Thanks so much


  • heliganedenheliganeden Posts: 1,848
    Have you complained about the service you're getting?

    I've booked with a planner but she's only doing the wedding - guests have arranged their own travel & accommodation - if you cancel what will happen to your guests deposits?
  • Miss_MeukMiss_Meuk Posts: 5
    We have but to be honest every member of staff sounds just a useless.

    I was going to keep my holiday booking and guests booking with them as we would all lose deposits.But want to cancel our wedding with them losing £150 deposit for the wedding package.
  • kazalakazala Posts: 361
    I wouldn't cancel if I were you. I would either go back to the shop and ask to speak to the manager or phone the company's dedicated wedding team and give them your details and ask them to clarify the bookings for you. You stand to lose a lot of money and every penny counts for a wedding!

    I haven't used a travel agent myself, I used a planner but like the previous poster said, they only organise the wedding, not the travel for everyone. I would be wary of cancelling your wedding package as that would then change your holiday to a group booking holiday and unless everyone is flying out on sme flight as you, staying in same hotel etc, it may affect the whole the whole package.

    Could you email your hote/weddingl venue directly and ask them to confirm they have received your booking from your travel agent? I emailed a lot of hotels directly when we were planning and they were good to answer Q's. Hope u get it sorted x
  • I have used a wedding planning company who specialise in greek island weddings, they are a fantastic company and came highly recommended they are called ionian weddings. I used a wedding planner as i feel travel agents wedding coordinators werent right for me as wedding planners specialise in weddings and are able to meet my needs better. Ionian weddings have tons of venue choices and when i told them the venue and date i wanted they checked it straight away and got back to me within the hour and i put my deposit down. If you are uncomfortable i would say you should consider using a planner as you will feel more at ease which is really important when planning a wedding abroad xxxx
  • I have also booked through Ionian Weddings and have received very prompt replied and bookings.

    If you have no confidence in your current choice then you could always contact some wedding planners to see if your date is available and how much it would be.
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