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How much did it/ is it costing you?

You've probably had a hundred of these threads but how much did it cost for you wedding abroad or is it costing you and which destination im looking for inspiration as i have church booked for here in the UK but im having a change of heart and think i may want to go abroad our budget for here in UK is £10,000 xx imageimage


  • lauracalauraca Posts: 34
    Bump! xx
  • MrsNunwaMrsNunwa Posts: 599

    It depends on how many guests will be attending. We are getting married aboard and have 80 guests so it's working out a lot in the range of £15,000 however we did plan a wedding over here and that was costing us £20,000-£25,000 so our wedding aboard is costing us less.

    But like I said it depends on what you want for example number of guests, sit down meal or buffet, favours or no favours, flowers being organised by the hotel or are you bringing these over. Table plan etc or do you just want a quite wedding. Small weddings aboard can cost little but it just depends on what you want?

    Hope this helps

  • lauracalauraca Posts: 34
    Yeah mouth dropped when you mentioned £15000 lol, we'd only have at the most im guessing 25 people including us 2, our 2 boys and 4 other children.

    Just noticed its Barbados too id love St.Lucia but thinking its going to be cyprus.

  • AlmostMrsVAlmostMrsV Posts: 169
    We are getting married in Vegas and have a budget of £12,000 including a party back here and honeymoon, although im hoping not to spend that much. We will be taking approx 25 people with us so it's not a massive wedding but getting a lot of our money x
  • lauracalauraca Posts: 34
    Well i wanted the huge wedding hence why i have booked church etc...but Ive been having a think lately and non of those materiel things matter only me and h2b our 2 boys and close family are important xx
  • AlmostMrsVAlmostMrsV Posts: 169
    That's exactly why we are getting married abroad, so only those we love will be there. We didn't want to feel under pressure of inviting people we haven't seen in years by getting married over here. Within a day of being engaged my dad's mum was writing her guest list and saying my cousins should be bridesmaids!! I was horrified... we don't even get along x
  • fawny2fawny2 Posts: 174

    We are getting married in Lindos Rhodes in Sept image Including the 2 week holiday & 3 nights in a luxery hotel as well it's costing us about 8K. This includes the rings, suits pretty much everything except my dress with my Dad is paying for. There will be just 17 of us.
  • hi, im getting married next august in coral bay and im looking at spending no more than 10k as well! I'm going through the hotel wedding planner who is excellent and giving me excellent advice. I'm cutting out cars as i'm staying in the hotel only on the night of the wedding and the night before, i'm only having flowers for me, my bridesmaids and on the ring table... this saves alot! It can be done for that price, it's just being sensible. we are expecting around 30 people there and think it can all be done for less than 10k and still be amazing! image xxx
  • MrsMcG2012MrsMcG2012 Posts: 25
    Hi, we are getting married in Gretna and then having a party back home for people who were not invited. At a cost of £9k for the venue, hotel in scotlamd, cars, flowers, wedding breakfast, cake etc.....
  • Hi, im getting married in santorini next may, there will be around 25 guests, including the two week holiday and spending money and an open for the reception it will be around 10,000 that covers my dress and suits n rings n decor n everything, i am having a reception back over here for an extra 2000 xx xx xx
  • I am a Cyprus bride to be, we get married in May next year. We have about 25 guests we think will come, including everying, reception in cyprus,my dress, bridesmaids, 2 week 5* hotel, flights, h2b outfit etc etc is coming out at about 6k

    Good Luck

  • adelly2005adelly2005 Posts: 194
    We got married in Vegas with 26 guests. Our wedding came to £25,000. That included everything including the flights, hotel in Vegas, honeymoon in Hawaii. We upgraded on everything including the flights, room types, flowers, photography, we had a free bar on the day. I think you do get more for your money going abroad and in our case it meant we could splash out on the day and on our guests and have the upgrades which is important to us.

    Vegas is prob the same as anywhere else - it can be done as big or small as you like! image

    Our report
  • augbride2baugbride2b Posts: 16
    We are getting maried this aug, in zante,Greece.The actual wedding day is costing about £5000 for 30 of us but this includes everythin we wanted plus more. Meals, flowers, drinks, decorations, disco, grek dancers, fireworks, photos, transfers to and from venue etc. plus all translations,documents, meetings etc. Just wanted all the hassle bits taken out. Gone through the bridal and met with them in this country so able to speak to them in person.

    We then booked our accom as a holiday package through thomas cook, you then have the extra cost of holiday, spendo, wedding attire, rings etc. but still really happy with doing it this way. hope this helps and good luck with your planning xx
  • lauracalauraca Posts: 34
    Ah thanks ladies the bridal consultant ive just had a look and its Paphos in Cyprus im looking at protoras/ayia napa xx
  • Try Kerry at Aisleoflove she's been brill for us, she can provide pick and mix or complete packages, with plenty of choice. She covers Protaras/Aiya Napa as thats where i am getting married next May

  • debdonnsdebdonns Posts: 68
    My partner and I booked our wedding today (HURRAH), we've got 2 weeks at Hilton Rose Hall in Jamaica, flying from Manchester, with a beach wedding, all fees included, for £3,000! We're going on the 28th September 2013, we know the weather can be shifty around that time but we know people who have been at that time of year before and you only get the odd shower for an hour at a time. We're not having any guests because we're eloping, so we're really happy with £1,500 each image
  • huniluvhuniluv Posts: 4
    We have just booked our wedding in Jamaica for next May,and for 2 weeks holiday,the basic wedding package(which includes meal for upto 24 guests) is costing £3300 inc premium seats on the flight.We are off on our own,so will not be making use of the additional catering.

    We are pleased with what we have got,just have to pay for dress,rings,h2b attire & any extras hair/make up.

    Congratulations x
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