How do I know it's right?

Hello ladies,

After 4 years being engaged and two failed attempts of getting married in the UK due to the excessive cost! My fianc???? and I have decided to get married in Italy!

We know we want to get married in Tuscany, preferable in a private location like a villa which I figure is easy enough to sort but what about reception? Photographer? Hair & make-up? Flowers? Reception deciration? How did you all organise things like this?

Thank you x


  • h2b and I always said we would get married abroad. However, when we came to actually get engaged we started looking at English venues. I think this was mainly because we were worried about the cost for other people flying out to see us get married and the fact that this might mean people couldnt come. However, we knew the most important people were definitely up for coming and after looking around some English venues we were 100% sure that wasn't us and wasn't what we wanted for our wedding.

    We decided to get married abroad after all but changed our minds from our original idea (Caribbean) to one of the Greek islands. h2b and I both love Greece and the Greeks are so nice we were sure we would enjoy getting married here. Greece was also a lot close for people to get to and cheaper.

    We sat one night with my mum and dad and did lots of internet research on places to get married. One place kept coming up time and time again (st paul's chapel in lindos, rhodes) and we just fell in love. I emailed a couple of wedding companies and ended up booking a package with them. We are marrying at the chapel which is in a secluded bay. Then we are having a boat to transfer us to a taverna where we are having a very Greek reception with greek music and greek dancers. This just feel right and I can't imagine getting married any other way now!

    Having the wedding planners has meant that lots of things are included (cake, food, hair on the morning, transfer to the venue etc) so lots less to sort. If I want anything else arranging such as the music, dancers, boat etc I just ask the planners and they sort it. We are also paying for them to sort out the legal side with the translation of paperwork and stuff.

    It sounds expensive but it's not really. You just have to watch out for the hidden extras (such as make up or extra cake) as they are wanting a lot for these sorts of things - I'm just going to do make up myself though and get some local desserts instead of extra cake.

    Good luck with the planning. xxx
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