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anyone getting wed in canada?

hi, just wondering if anyone is/has done/knows someone getting married at lake louise nr Banff, canada. For a winter wedding.

Who did you book with, any more info or advise you can give me?


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  • NIC07ukNIC07uk Posts: 78
    Hi mrsm2be09

    Cant really be of much help to you, as I dont know anyone who has been married there. But I am getting married in Canada, at Niagara Falls. Good luck with arranging things, there is at least one other bride on here who planning a wedding there, but her name escapes me at the moment, Sorry!!!

  • sylossussylossus Posts: 211 New bride
    Hi Ali,

    Yep, am also hoping to get wed in Canada next autumn, near or around the Lake Louise/Banff region. Can't wait - it looks absolutely amazing!

    I am also trying to get lots of info and advice - I came across a company which provides wedding packages for Lake Louise and other areas in the Rocky Mountains:

    In a fit of optimism, I think we are going to try and plan it ourselves from here, without going through planners. Wish me luck! I have been on some of the Canadian wedding forum sites and picked up some info from there, but if you or anyone else comes across any useful info, would be great to hear it!

    Are you going just the two of you or you taking family and friends too?
  • Tara1977ukTara1977uk Posts: 26
    hi girls

    I am also getting married in canada. We're getting wed in Banff in March 08. we've planned it all ourselves - all the vendors are really helpful and respond to email really quick which is very helpful! Also I have been out there a couple of times which was helpful. Such a fab place to get married image its great in the winter months - esp if you like winter sports. If you have any questions pls ask.

    We've got about 25/30 friends and family going out there - it does help that a lot of them are skiers!!

    tara x
  • sylossussylossus Posts: 211 New bride
    Hey Tara

    That's great to know - very encouraged to hear you have planned it yourselves! We are also going over with a group of about 25 people, though can imagine not everyone will be able to make it nearer the time.

    Loads of questions for you, but don't want to bombard you in one hit! If you don't mind, would love to know what you are doing regarding your ceremony though. We are keen to be outside by a lake, but I am worried that if we went to Lake Louise, for example, it would be a bit hectic with tourists passing by and gawping at me stumbling over my vows. Also, we would be a bit screwed if it rained. Hmmm.

    Am mulling lots of options over right now. Have you heard of a Bear and a Bison Inn? They come over as friendly, intimate and flexible and I thought this might be a good place for the reception. I did like the look of Emerald Lake Lodge too, but have gone off them due to their slightly pompous tone and what seems like an endless list of 'don'ts and can'ts' in their brouchure.

    Oh, going to squeeze in one more question - sorry! What made you decide on Canada?

  • SuehiSuehi Posts: 12
    Hi mrsm2b09

    I'm getting wed at Lake Louise in August, 6 weeks today. We booked our wedding and holiday via Kuoni. Their service has been great and they use wedding co-ordinators called rockymountainweddings. I think someone else has mentioned them below. We have been in touch directly with the co-ordinators over the last couple of weeks finalising flowers, cake, music, hair & make up etc etc. They have been great to deal with and have given us lots of other info about the area.

    I have been told that Lake Louise is really as blue and clear as the photographs show. It's just going to be the two of us out for the ceremony in Canada and we will have a number of locations around the lake to choose from. We are staying at the Chateau so will have the option to have some cover if the dreaded happens and it rains.

    We wanted a big adventure and a good reason to take 3 weeks off work so decided to plough most of our budget into the trip to canada and wedding rings. We are having a reception for close family and friends when we get back which gives me another excuse to wear the dress again.

    If you have any other questions I'm happy to try and help and will be sure to post some pictures of the big day when we return just to prove how beautiful it is.

    Bye for now

  • Tara1977ukTara1977uk Posts: 26
    Hi ya

    Ask as many questions as you like - i remember I did when i first started looking into it!

    Okay, well i'm not brave enough for an outdoor wedding - way too cold for me - so i found a nice church in Banff with a great website and we're having the reception at the Banff Springs hotel - which isn't too costly considering the exchange rate and the venue you're getting. Both the priest and lady who runs the weddings at the hotel are fab. Also on the hotel website it has a list of local vendors that they recommend which is really useful.

    I have only stayed in Lake Louise for one night so not sure about the Bear and Bisen - its a really quiet area and the entertainment is based mainly around the hotels. i've seen photos of wedding on lake louise - i belive they have an ice sclupture building in which you can get married - looked absolutely amazing. A lot of the vendors that are for lake louise come under banff and most will travel.

    We chose banff as we went skiing there last year and i fell in love with the skiing and the charm of banff and the hotel we are having our reception in. It is a stunning winter setting.

    Any others just ask or mail me.

  • spunfaerieukspunfaerieuk Posts: 1,347
    I'm not getting married in Canada (though it was an idea since H2B is Canadian!!) but I have been to Lake Louise and those people were right - it is EXACTLY the same shade of blue as in those photos. They don't enhance them in anyway, it's a breathtaking place. Banff is truly gorgeous. It'll be a wonderful place to get married image
  • williamtiawilliamtia Posts: 800

    Thanks for all the replies! I was looking at kuoni brochure too suehi. looks really nice! I dont know much about this part of canada, I was looking for best of both worlds. To have that beautiful blue lake and still have the snow. I was thinkng April time? Anyone know what lake louise is like then? It only a quiet affair, just me and h2b, his imagemum n dad and possibly my mum and dad. Nothing too big.

    I'll have a look at that web page now thanks,

  • Tara1977ukTara1977uk Posts: 26

    Hi mrsm2be09

    I haven't been to lake louise in april but have in march and the lake was frozen solid. I don't think it defrosted until late May this year. Its still a stunning place tho even if it is frozen - they do sleigh rides round it :\)

  • this is going to be no help at all, but we are honeymooning in canada next feb. we are going to a place called fernie xxxx
  • sylossussylossus Posts: 211 New bride
    The pictures of Lake Louise look absolutely stunning, great to hear it looks the same in real life. Some of the other lakes - Moraine, Minnewanka, etc - also look beautiful.

    Does anyone know how crowded these areas tend to get? As I think I mentioned, we are hoping for an outdoor ceremony but am a bit worried about it being a bit crowded.
  • williamtiawilliamtia Posts: 800

    I was wondering what it was like with tourist/busy. Can you imagine being surround by folk you dont know looking at you! how horrible!
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