Wedding Cost in Italy- AAAAAAAHHHH!!!

Hi all,

i'm getting myself in a bit of a pickle. To give you some background, my fiancee and I are going to get married in Ravello in 2014 (I's years away and I shuln't be stressing) but I live in a world of military precision (think Monica from Friends and you're just about there). I'm hearing so many different things about extra costs in Italy which aren't always included in the wedding planner fee's so i'm going to be really cheeky and ask how much people are spending/have spent on their wedding?

We are looking at Villa Eva or Villa Cimbrone and will have 32 guests. We would like to have a civil ceremony in the town hall followed by reception and dancing at one of the villa's.

Any help would be appreciated.




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    Hi becca,

    I have just started to look at Sorrento for my wedding in 2013. I have heard the same and am off to visit Thomsons on saturday to see what prices they can give me, ut haven't been able to find any prices online for anything. I have also been in touch with planet weddings website to see if they can help but as of yet haven't heard from them - they probably saw the budget i wanted to stick to and haven't finished laughing yet image

    I have a budget of £5000 so i am hoping that will cover, the wedding, the accommodation (for 8 days because you have to be in Italy for 4 days before you can marry), transport, evening reception for approx 10 people, a cake, some entertainment and a photographer. I KNOW i am stretching it a bit but i am hoping someone can help me.

    I have been on loads of italian wedding planners websites but none of them say what they charge. For example i have just been on to love and lords website and they stated a minimum of £200,000 for a wedding image i actually laughed out loud. The only other one i have looked at is a lady called Laura Frappa - apart from that i am hoping that Thomsons can sort me something image

    Hope that helped somewhat


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    Hello Becca

    We got married in Ravello 5 years ago, and did all the planning ourselves. Its really easy to do, and will costs you a lot less. It makes it easier if you can fly out a couple of times though before the big day - Naples isn't that far and can be cheap to fly to off-season. Do you have an idea if you will have a religious ceremony at Villa Cimbrone or just a blessing? This will make a huge difference as to how to plan it all.

    Flowers (we used Armando Malaforte) based in Ravello, Music (Italian string quartet and Soprano - local band Marco Canteralla), Photos we used Joanne Dunn (a nice South African Lady based in Ravello), Hair we used the local air salon, for cakes and food we asked the hotel (we had our reception at Palazzo Sasso) they sorted everything.

    Its only really the legal stuff you might need help with as we used an Italian Translator (which you need to do by law). The translator helped with the legal stuff and all the meetings with our pastor - she also helped out a bit with sorting a villa for everyone and liaising with local supplier for us. She only cost 500 Euros. Seriously don't pay anymore than this.

    In total our wedding cost us £15k. We had 34 guests, a ceremony in the church, a lavish lunch at Palazzo Sasso, and also an evening reception with Italian band, fireworks and cocktails at Hotel Caruso. It can be done well on a budget too, just don't let Thomas Cook rip you off or fool you xxxx
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    Hi Becca,

    We were recently married in Sorrento, and were initially worried about how much it would all cost, but we saved quite a bit by booking most of the services ourselves and also getting help from our Photographer, Anna Buccheri of Cinderella Images.  

    She's American, based in Rome and the Amalfi Coast in the summer, and she's a true gem in my opinion.  She's fluent in Italian and has so many contacts in the area, and her photography rates are much more reasonable than many others' in the area.  We looked at Joanne Dunn, but her rates start at 3000 euro!  We didn't want to blow our budget.  Many others were asking for 2000-2500 euro for just 6-8 hours!  

    We found Anna's style to be the most creative and artistic, yet full of emotion, not just forced, uncomfortable posing.  She was really nice to work with, very friendly and warm, and had us feeling quite relaxed during the pictures. 

    Have a look at her portfolio - , and Facebook page - .  

    She's married to an Italian videographer, so if you need video services you'd be hiring the perfect duo, saving loads of money, and still paying much less than any other photo/video services combined.  ;) 

    Let me know if you have any questions or need help.



  • Hi Sarah, I'm getting married in Sorrento in May 2013.  I've got Thomson's price list of 'extras' if you want to know anything.  It's not that bad - but like you I was panicking because I couldn't get any info. 

    I actually think some stuff is cheaper than the UK - the photographer they recommend is 395 eruos for 200 images on a CD or 475 euros for that and a 40 page album. Some stuff is insane though 130 euros for hair done and 110 euros for makeup.  Flowers seemed reasonable and you get your bouquet in the package. LEt me know if you've got anymore questions.  Obviously, I'm just at the start of planning - had the date confirmed and the prices for less than a week!

    We're just starting to look into reception venues! As a quick aside we're only going for a week and the wedding has fit in.

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    Thanks for all your advice and apologies for the delay in getting back to you all...just got back from Italy image we have set our hearts on Ravello and Villa Eva.It's still going to work out quite expensive because we want to have an amazing hotel for the week of the wedding and honeymoon but I'm only planning on doing this once so what the heck image

    We have decided to go with Laura Frappa from exclusive Italy weddings -she seems to be super-organised and has the most incredible attention to detail. Will let you all know how the planning goes.

  • LittleBoopLittleBoop Posts: 14

    Hi All,

    Haven't been on here in a wee while so apologies for lack of replies. Thank you all so much for your info, it's greatly appreciated.

    We have actually booked our wedding today image SInce I posted my last reply we have done a complete U-turn on venue etc (long story - see my other post) and are now getting married in Sorrento. We are using Laura Frappa of Exclusive Italy Weddings and would totally recommend her to anyone who hasn't yet confirmed a wedding planner - she's so prompt and gives lots of info, price guides  and recommendations AND she's not pushy image a true professional I would say!

    BeccaH - thanks for the recommendation for photographer - i've asked Laura to provide me with prices etc and check her availability.




  • Hi Everyone,

    I'm a florist and work for a planner who mainly plans weddings in Sicily but she also has a service that helps couples with the legal paperwork. Her services are not very expensive and she mainly get paid from the venues.

    I can help you if you need any advice just ask.
  • Hi Kfogirl,

    Another Maiori bride, yippee!!

    I am getting married in Maiori but not untill 2014. Love it how organised you are, we are also getting married in the town hall, I love the idea of having Lemon Granita after the ceremony, guess your weddding planner has organised that for you?


    We have got a lot of friends in Maiori so am trying to organise it myself, What date is your wedding, I am over next summer for a holiday, would love to come and watch you if im around.


    Charlie xx

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    hi everyone! you have probably organized your wedding already, however I have my own UK based wedding agency (London), and have been working in the wedding industry for the past 11 years, even before thomas cook and all the other UK based planners like love and lord and many other started working on weddings in Italy, and it is painful to see that couples like you cannot find the help they need. It is true that in some areas it can be quite easy organizing a DIY wedding, and this is thanks to the hard work us wedding planners have done through the years, which means having made town halls, private venues and churches more accesible to foreign brides, and unfortunately this work never gets recognized.

    The cost of a wedding in Italy can actually be very reasonable if you have the right person to guide you and assist you. Of course, if you are in search of a wedding planner, and somone who has already done the hard work to make contacts with professionals, tried and tested them, and invested time and money, it will cost you a bit, but not as much as you think! but anyone willing to pay  200 euros per head for a menu at villa cimbrone, and extra costs for exclusive use of the location, can certainly afford a professional wedding planner.

    Our job is to take the time you do not have and help you have a wonderful wedding in Italy by keeping an eye on your budget, and making sure you have everything you want.

    With all the weddings I have organized, everything has alwyas gone very well, with me of course been able to be on site most of the time, or been able to delegate a trusted colleague.

    I just had to intervene as there are many honest professionals who have worked very hard to gain a reputation and make Italy an accesible country for foreigner wanting to get married there.

    DIY weddings can be cost effective, however I believe that sometimes hiring a professional and experience wedding planner can be the best investment a couple can make, as if anything goes wrong, you always have someone who knows the law, the language and has the right contacts to assist you and make sure that nothing goes wrong.

    I am not here to promote my company but only to share my experience and thoughts on the matter.

    best wishes to you all


  • Hi We have booked our wedding for August 2013 in Sorrento through Thomson. For price we have been amazed at how reasonable they are. We got quoted 700 pounds for the ceremony which includes all fees, bride bouquet, cake for 15 people. I am making full use of their wedding planners out there and cannot fault their helpfulness.

  • We got married at the cloisters in Sorrento in August through thomsons. We ended up only paying about ??250 for the ceremony package with bouquet etc as we has a group booking of 15 adults and 2 kids so they gave us a hefty discount. Worth seeing what you can get!

    Any questions on Sorrento weddings or using thomsons then give me a shout x
  • Hi All

    I'm looking at the cost of getting married abroad and suggested Italy to my fiance.  We have a very tight budget and wouldn't know where to start.  He seems to think that it will cost just as much to get married there as it will do here.  So far the places we like in the UK have been around the £12,000 mark and it is way out of our budget.  

    Those who got married in Italy, sorry to be cheeky, but what was the full cost and did you have an evening reception when you got back to the UK?

    Thank you in advance 

  • Hi Stacey,

    If you don’t want to spend the whole lot on travel expenses, do like I did: I got married in Sardinia, Europe, my native island. My hubby and I were likeminded about the destinations as we really wanted to set our big day in a special location, far away from grey and smoggy cities as Coventry (where we live) without exceeding the budget – so we stayed in Europe and got a LOW-COST FLIGHT to Cagliari for us and our 25ish guests. First suggestion is: do not think you can arrange everything on your own – find someone you can trust as since the beginning you will need to be terribly sure about the papers. Our wedding was organized by a wedding planner/event organizer we found online, choosing among others which exceed our budget too much and didn’t cope with the bureaucratic procedures. When we arrived there, 3 days before the wedding, we had the wedding lunch sort out already (menu plus wedding cake), which we had in a gorgeous family-friendly resort in the south-eastern coast, and all the décor stuff was ready (mass booklets and petals for the ceremony in the small church near the seaside where we got married 

  • , flower decorations/tables for the reception – it’s all things you can easily choose online with a bit of confidence on your wedding planner’s style).

    The day before the wedding I had the last rehearsals for my dress, hairstyle and make-up and on the big day I was super nervous but everything was just surely fixed. Also, we booked a photo service, had music at the ceremony and a dj service for the dance party during the evening. All the decorative details through ceremony and reception were tailor-made on our taste, the wedding planner has just helped us finding a main theme. On the whole, their service was around 8000 €; added up to travel costs – which were generously sustained by parents&friends! – and accommodation… that depends on the budget you have! But as far as I have seen you can find plenty of places where to sleep and eat for a couple of days with no money to burn… Weddings abroad are always a bit scaring, but they are affordable if you find someone to take care of all the procedures and who makes you spare your time&money with tried and tested services image

    By the way, no evening receptions back to the UK... we just enjoyed some relax on our own!

     Let me know if you need any suggestion!

     Best wishes,


  • Hello!
    My name is Rosy and I am an Italian wedding planner based in Uk and specialized in Tuscany weddings.

    If you are dreaming to get married in Tuscany I can help you making this dream come true, and in the easiest way possible. Organizing a wedding abroad could be stressful and such an intense job, sometimes difficult to manage with the daily routine. I can assist you in order to keep everything smoother and effortless, overcoming linguistic and logistics barriers so that you can simply enjoy the preparation of one of the most memorable experience in your life. I do not sell prepacked weddings but I tailor everything according the tastes and the budget of the my couples. If you take the right choice a wedding in Tuscany could be absolutely affordable without compromising the style!

    My company is called WeddingInWonderland and one of my wedding is on Perfect Wedding right now! ( June issue ) Do not hesitate in getting in contact with me, I provide a first consultation for free!



  • Hey brides abroad, 

    Congratulations on your engagements girls..I am so exited for my wedding..So much that I see it in my dreams some times..

    I am currently working with Maria Georgiou ( I met her through her partner who works with my fiancee at the university. She is amazing, very affordable prices which include basically everything from legal arrangements to day of coordination etc. She is lovely, very friendly and replies to emails in less than 24 hours. She has teams in the UK and in Italy and make sures she has constant communication with her clients and reassure them that everything goes under plan. I met her three times in the UK and I felt like I known her for years. I could not be happier with her and i really feel that she is one of the best...Highly recommend her for your weddings!!! If you want more info pm me!! 

    I hope I helped and good luck with your weddings xxx


  • Hi

    did anyone here atually have the reception at Villa Eva?

    Laura x

  • Charlie_C1Charlie_C1 Posts: 26

    Hi Laura,

    We looked at Villa Eva, but it was between two venues on the amalfi coast and decided on the other one because it had more meaning to us.

    Have you booked Villa Eva?


    Charlie x

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    Hi everyone, does anyone know how how much a wedding planner should be charging on average for a 100 person wedding in Ravello or anywhere Amalfi Coast. I got only one quote and felt it was SUPER expensive. Any help would be great. Thanks!!

  • Anna5Anna5 Posts: 5

    Well this thread is  about 4 months old and nobody replied, however the cost of a wedding planner is subject to what type of services you would have required; it is not just subject to the number of people attending the wedding but many other factors. I cannot give prices here as I am not here to promote my business, but I know that here in the UK wedding planners charge by the hour or charge a flat fee + commission,  and this is subject to the amount of work they are required to do. Some wedding planners are only hired to recommend services, other to help with some of the plan, other with some of the coordination. Organizing a wedding abroad takes a considerable amount of time, and to work with a planner who actually knows the country inside out, and can suggest where to stay, how to get there things to do, activities before  /after the wedding, accommodation for the guests, professional reliable vendors, in my opinion is the best  investment a couple could make towards the cost of their wedding.

    I have read posts about paying £250.00 fora wedding! that is nothing and it must have been a good deal… but I am sure the couple must have paid thousands with the company they booked their accommodation with, and they must have paid the town hall fees and many other costs too on top of the £250.00 , so when getting married abroad, consider that when you are provided with a wedding package the cost is not all going to the wedding planner, but town hall, interpreter, issue of the documents and so on and since last year I must say prices have increased.

    We do many beautiful weddings the Amalfi Coast, and by the way, in reply to Laura, Villa Eva is a beautiful wedding venue where I have personally organized many weddings. It is at about 10 minutes from Ravello Piazza, and boasts beautiful views of the coast. It is a Patrician villa with a very large garden and although it does not offer accommodation, it is very close to hotels. It can be hired for the wedding day. It is not a cheap venue, but compared to some venues here in the UK it is still affordable, and you are in Ravello, one of the most beautiful places on this planet! There are many other beautiful locations in Ravello which provide the same views but at a fraction of the prices.

    Ravello did not really do it for me… I got married in Positano in 2009 and always recommend it to my clients because it is so colourful, well located between Sorrento Peninsula and Amalfi, and there are some beautiful locations for weddings here. The Amalfi Coast is a very particular and unique area, and if possible I always recommend viewing the area you are getting married before confirming. this of course is subject to whether you can afford heading to Italy to view venues and whether you have the time to do it. If not, then you do need to put your trust in your wedding planner, it is very important, and this is why some planners charge more than others.   

    I hope this post has been helpful.

    If you are now married, I hope you had a fantastic day in Italy.


  • ManuelaManuela Posts: 2


    I am working a this new project to develop new place for the perfect wedding. You can have in little Town in south Italy a wedding with a reasonable price. The location is a medieval town with plenty of antique places where you can celebrate your wedding. Your ceremony could be in a kiosk of 600 Gothic church, or in a beautiful garden with an old little church next too, or you can celebrate your wedding in a Normand towel or in roman garden with antique columns.

    San Marco Argentano is located between seaside and mountains, included in the price you can have many excursions, depend on days you would stay.

    Price for all included hairdresser and beauty centre, transport from the airport, photographer, flowers, documents etc... ( not flight included) for the bride it is roughly between 7000 to 13000 GBP.

    Please contact me for having more information at: [email protected] or +44746634057.


    You do not need to worry about anything everything will be ready at your arrived.


    best regards


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    I can recommend company My Chic Wedding. My Chic Wedding is an agency for organising weddings and other events in Italy and Latvia.

    It’s a team of professionals who will be your assistant in creating an extraordinary wedding. They’re task is to save the newlyweds of worries in the preparation of a wedding abroad, give the opportunity to enjoy every minute of the wedding celebration, which we successfully manage.

    More information you can find:

  • IlzeIlze Posts: 2


    I can recommend company My Chic Wedding. My Chic Wedding is an agency for organising weddings and other events in Italy and Latvia.

    It’s a team of professionals who will be your assistant in creating an extraordinary wedding. They’re task is to save the newlyweds of worries in the preparation of a wedding abroad, give the opportunity to enjoy every minute of the wedding celebration, which we successfully manage.

    More information you can find:

  • Hi I to am looking to book in Ravello in 2016- any advice from brides who hVe gotten married there?

     Venue, hotels or even photographers??

  • Hi everyone 

    I'm starting to also plan in Ravello - almalfi coast for a 2016 wedding

    any brides who have jd the wedding there? I'm looking into reception venue and hotels now.

     Any help would be great (I'm planning all the way in chicago and looking to see what a budget could be around)

    thanks and excited to be apart of this planning process!

  • Hi Krystle

    I am getting married in Ravello in June this year.  I haven't finalised all the little details yet but am having the civil ceremony in the town hall gardens and then reception at Hotel Caruso.  I have a wedding planner Anna Sorrentino helping me.  I am hoping it all turns out great and will let you know.  To give you an idea of prices, I have budgeted £5000 (british) not including dress, accommodation or anything like that.  I am only having 7 guests in addition to me and my fiance which is why I have managed to stick to that budget as otherwise it would be much more expensive!


  • I'm looking to book at hotel Caruso as well!!! I've been in touch with a women there we are looking to have no more than 40 guests! We would love any info! We just picked the hotel and have started to look into the decor before we sign the contract! Any help or advice you can give me would be amazing!  Please message me anytime! It's hard working Ailey from their website

  • Hi everyone 

    I'm starting to also plan in Ravello - almalfi coast for a 2016 wedding

    any brides who have jd the wedding there? I'm looking into reception venue and hotels now.

     Any help would be great (I'm planning all the way in chicago and looking to see what a budget could be around)

    thanks and excited to be apart of this planning process!

  • Does anyone have the contact info for the wedding planner Anna Sorrentino!? I looked one up online and it doesn't seem to be the one who has planned weddings in Ravello 

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