Wanting a wedding in Sorrento, Italy - Is it really massively expensive or is it poss on a budget...

Has anyone got married at the Cloisters in sorrento italy and had their receptions somewhere totally gorgeous?

We are planning to marry in June 2013 and so far i have no idea how much anything is because i can't find prices of things anywhere.

We aren't planning a huge wedding as we are on a tight budget - but i am wondering whether Italy can be done on a budget?

Is it better to go with a wedding planner or go with a travel agent or even DIY?

Any advice people would be great - as i don't seem to be moving forward with anything image



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    Hey there, I'm in an almost identical situation (same budget but no guests as we're eloping). I've spoken to Thomson etc to no avail, but saw an amazing woman at Thomas Cook today who eloped there herself a few years ago. I'm seeing her on Saturday morning to finalise prices etc so I'll post an update then and let you know how I got on image Deb
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    ooh yes please do....... i spoke to a thomas cook rep and she quoted me huge amounts of money for Sorrento but i might go and see someone else

    Let me know how you get on

  • I have just booked to get married in the cloisters of san francesco in Sorrento next August. I booked it through Thomas Cook in the end as although the wedding package is cheaper with Thomson i found that the hotels were a lot more expensive. What is your budget? I managed to get 2 weeks half board in a 4 star hotel for me and h2b including wedding package for under 3,000. I did have to do a bit of searching about on the internet checking prices for different hotels though. Good luck!
  • baddawg26baddawg26 Posts: 28
    OMG sorrento 2013 bride!!!!

    I have just been to Thomsons and they have done me 7 nights inc flights and a wedding package 4 star hotel (Bristol) half board 28 june - 05 july for £2950

    Which hotel are you staying at? i can't believe you got that inbox me where you are staying etc please i might have to get a quote from Thomas Cook after all? lol

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    Hi there have you got the info you were looking for in Italy and italian weddings?



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    We got married in Sorrento last year & had the cloisters, will show you the pics if you like? I found that booking direct with a wedding planner in Italy is easier and cheaper and you get a reply within 24 hours usually.  The wedding planners are excellent in Italy, thing to do is send some Sorrento planners an email with your budget and they'll usually work around you.  We used Flowers & Confetti and she has set budget's which already include things like bouquet's, photographer & the booking of the cloisters, you can talior make them too! I booked the reception myself after finding a lovely Italian restaurant with a great view.  Can recommend a good make up artist too. Best day of my life & think about it everyday image

  • Hello, our best friends got married in Sorrento last summer and their big day was simply special and unforgettable! Everybody enjoyed a lot and still talks about their special day! They got married at the Cloisters and Reception at Foreigners Club on the beautiful outdoor panoramic terrace overlooking the sea! Rosanna the wedding planner was absolutely amazing and brilliant ... everything was organised so perfectly! We have now booked our wedding with her in 2013... very good value for money, much more than expected, excellent skills in communication and perfect organizer image I would like to recommend Rosanna from Orange Blossom Wedding Planner to all the brides to be! www.italy-weddingplanner.com

    Good luck & best wishes,

    Kizzy image




  • Hi,

    I have booked our wedding at Cloisters on 17th September 2013 through Thomson, and have also booked with them 7 nights all inclusive 5 star couples only hotel for ??2550 at the Grand hotel nastro azzurro, it looks stunning!

    We will probably have our reception at foreigners club as have seen so many good reviews and seems to offer everything we want for reasonable prices.

    Lucella, I would love to see your photos of wedding at cloisters if you are able to?

  • baddawg26baddawg26 Posts: 28

    Hi all its so nice to hear about Sorrento..... so far i havent heard a bad word said against it so i am really looking forward to it!  I have just had a pricelist through from Thomsons and the hair a nd makeup are a little extortionate but there horse and carriage is adorable and not to badly priced 140euro??  I did write to a few of the italian wedding planners but they were very vague and wouldnt really say how much things were going to cost and also i just wanted piece of mind that if i went with Thomsons if something goes wrong i can blame them and not myself for making a hash of my own day lol image

    Yes please send me photos of your wedding Lucela would love to see.  We have booked 7 nights at the Hotel Bristol and it looks superb!  Still got to find a restaurant though.  Can somebody tell me on the menus they offer at the restaurants, do they say you can only have one set menu or do they let you have free range of their food??

    Thanks Girls

  • Hi I've got a list of the restaurants thomsons recommend and they all seem fairly flexible regarding menus, some of them are fixed but I emailed some restaurants directly that I'd read good reviews about and they were all very flexible. We are probably having our reception at the foreigners club and they do an ala carte menu that guests can choose from, you get canap??s and a cocktail on arrival, choice from 6 starters, 6 of the next course and choice of 6 main meal, then wedding cake and prosecco included for 70 euro a head, they decorate the tables with hair covers, linen flowers etc for an other 12 euro a head an have evening entertainment there also.

    I've also come across an amazing uk photographer that seem to be doing excellent rates for overseas weddings at the moment as they're just branching out and have already done a couple of weddings in sorrento. You get much much much more for your money than with Thomson and from looking at the photographers they use they seem much better. Let me know and I'll give you their details. X
  • Hi everyone

    I went to Sorrento on holiday last year & the Cloisters is a perfect place to get married. A couple from our hotel were getting married there & myself & my Mum went & watched the bride go in, just be aware that anyone can watch your wedding once you have gone in,we had a little look but because we weren't in wedding attire we didn't stay too long. You will all love it.Ii does get very busy outside because the Cloisters is right next to a church so it is constant weddings.We ate in the foreigners club & they had a small wedding party going on which was nice to see.The couple in our hotel had their meal in restaurant along the main piazza,it looks nothing from the outside but is massive inside we ate in their. & it was lovely food.

    Good luck everyone x
  • Hi kfogirl

    How many guests does the villa that your stayed in hold? My sister is getting married next year and this sounds exactly like the kind of thing she's looking for! Any other details you have would be very much appreciated.


  • Hi, just to say that we are having our honeymoon in Aug 2013 at the nastro azzuro - we have paid ??3400 for 2 weeks all inclusive superior room & extra legroom seats. So excited!!
  • Hi Kfogirl

    Thank you so much for this info - it's brilliant and so very helpful!

    My sister is struggling to find exactly what she's looking for but she is set on Italy (Amalfi Coast / Sorrento) as she loves it and got engaged there. She's not been very impressed so far with the wedding planner she has been liaising with and is getting a bit frustrated so I will pass your recommendation on. 

    Many thanks again for the info, wishing you the very best of luck with your planning xx


  • Hi,

    My future husband and I are looking to get married in sorrento in May 2013. We have spoken to a couple of wedding planners in Italy so far. Rosanna at orange blossom has been fantastic, and she came recommended from a friend at work as she attended a wedding organised by her last year. Both the planners we spoke to gave us quite a few prices so we were able to get a good idea of how much it would cost.

    It looks as though our wedding in total will cost about £10k but includes a reception over there for 40 people and our two week holiday. We are also paying for flights for a few keys members as well. x

  • Hi Kfogirl,

    I am planning a Sorrento/Amalfi coast wedding for 2014 and your wedding villa looks amazing.

    Can I ask how your reception at the villa works? Are you having someone come in to help cater and are you able to have people come to the villa for your reception that aren't staying there? I love the villas you suggested but guess my wedding party would be 40 in total so we wouldn't all be staying in the same place!

  • Anna5Anna5 Posts: 5

    Dear Brides

    If you are looking for a London based wedding planner specializing in weddings in Italy then get in touch with m at [email protected]  

    We provide tailor-made services and have a team of affordable and reliable wedding  professionals.

    Wed have organized hundreds of weddings everywhere in Italy, not only Sorrento ( which I love!)

    There are some amazing locations available for civil beach weddings in Sicily and other beautiful locations for weddings in Sardinia. We cover the Lakes, The cities, the countryside, seaside... We Do Weddings in Italy and will be happy to suggest beautiful locations.

    I got married in Positano in 2009 and had a church wedding. It was such a beautiful day! 

    Contact mewith your request and I will do our best to assist you

    Best wishes to you all


  • If you contact the foreigners club in sorrento they are so helpful and have given me contact details for all the people I need including the Cloisters to book myself. [email protected]

    They have saved me so much money and time as they can arrange lots of know people who can at half the price of travel agents.

  • Hi I'm from a place near Sorrento as I'm half italian and I'll be getting married in October 2013 in the area. I have been reading through these messages and I don't understand why the prices are so cheap for you guys...I'll be having a traditional Italian meal with the 7 coarse meal and Italian wedding cake for over a 100 guests. I can't find any where cheaper than 85 euro a head and they had given me a discount! Unless I choose a resteraunt in the city which will be about 70 euro a head for the meal. Are the prices that you have paid just for an aperitive and buffet??? Or is there a discount for tourists? image  My h2b is Sicilian and the resteraunts there ask 50 a head even that isn't as cheap...

  • Hi all, just wanted to chip in as weve booked our wedding for the cloisters/sorrento for May 2013. We are using a wedding planner The Book of Dreams. We have visited Sorrecto before and the cloisters is beautiful. Cant wait ! 

  • Picklebride I am also getting married in sorrento at the end of may and bloke through book of dreams. Where is your reception? Have you completed all your legal paperwork? Who are you using for make up and photography?

  • Hi all

    We are getting married at the Cloisters at the beginning of August this year. We are booking the O'Parruciano restaurant for a meal in our own area surrounded by lemon trees etc...pictures are amazing. Not sure what we are doing afterwards, we are staying at the Bellevue Syrene in one of the suites for a couple of nights (incl the wedding night), and the terrace there is wonderful so may have drinks there. Looked at the F Club but decided against it as it is so busy and you can't reserve an area. Any suggestions on where may be able to accommodate a small party of around 18 guests for drinks until late would be fabulous! 


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    Girls,  if any of you look for a great videographer, take a look at 

    or https://vimeo.com/album/2050934/sort:date/format:thumbnail

  • Hiya Ladies, I have just clicked on to her after doing a little more research for my own Sorrento Wedding. We are only 12 weeks away from our dream wedding now! Time is literally flying by image

    We are getting married in Sorrento Cloisters in the heart of Sorrento on the 25th May in a late afternoon ceremony, followed by a 'hidden' treasure reception at the Relais Blu. The Relais Blu is a boutique hotel on the cliffs over looking the Bay of Naples and the stunning Island of Capri. The Relais Blu is simply amazing! Its 110 Euros per person and half that for children. In the price you get a coach to and from the cloisters for all guests, 3 courses, a wedding cake, UNLIMITED wine throughout the meal, canapes, prosecco for welcome drink and toast, table decorations and all the other little bits. 

    I enlisted the help of the most wonderful wedding planner, Alessandra from the Book of  Dreams- and boy has she made my dreams come true!! I went for the basic package and added a few extra's a harpist, paid extra for a saturday wedding to the council, buttonholes, bridesmaid flowers and paid a small supplement for mine,. (A bridal bouquet is included in the basic but I wanted an extra special one!)

    We have 70 guests joining us in the sunshine! 

    Our wedding is costing in the region of £13k although this includes our flights/rings/cruise from rome for a week... etc... 

    I think all the brides on here have personally picked an amazing destination. 

    Our budget saving tips are, use an I-pod (no fee's!), make all your own stationary (we saved a mint!), go bridesmaid shopping in the sale (get them half price!), Moss and Bros do discount for group purchases, We are flying a photographer out and paying for his services flight and hotel It works out to be just under £1000 and we get all the photos on disc and saves us about £600 + from the quotes we have from locals. We also bartered with the price of his services and have agreed for him to be allowed to us our photos for marketing!!  

    Advice, Invest in a wedding planner!! Happy planning xxxx


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    I got married at Cloisters on 3 April 2013. We booked through Thomson and stayed at The Grand Nastro Azzurro. We arranged our reception ourselves through Don Pedro. It was beyond amazing. It was excellent value for money! They sorted flowers, cars, harp and guest transport. We had our reception at Castore, which was wonderful. They picked us up from our hotel when we arrived and went through all the details. Hair was booked through Thomson and was fabulous. Our photographer (India Hobson) came with us. She'd done a wedding at Cloisters before and knew the ropes. If anyone wants further info, I'd be glad to help. Sorrento was a beautiful place to get married. I am so sad to be home.
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    I am getting married on 31st May at the cloisters and then Relais Blu. I have gone through book of dreams.

    Macca28 how was the ceremony ? Did you say much in English? Princessvicky are you doing your own make up and hair? Are you staying in Relais Blu as we are from the Thursday ?

  • Hi all, We are getting married on the 18th June at hte CLositers and then reception at teh foreigners club- also through book of dreams.  K1echo- did you decide about your hair/makeup? It seems quite expensive, I think I'm def going to get my hair done but I cant decide about my makeup.  Has anyone else on here got any advice or recommendations? Feeling quite daunted about the makeup side of things and might just do my own!




  • SlopeydopesSlopeydopes Posts: 201 New bride

     I saw this place earlier. The Cloisters looks stunning. It feels really daunting looking through all the wedding stuff though! 

     I'm really not a planner!

  • Hi everyone, 

    Have really enjoyed reading this post. My fiance and I are getting married at the Cloisters on July 23rd this year. Getting very excited as we've been engaged for about 3 years now. We booked through Thomson, it's all been very easy so far, no complaints at all. We're staying at the Grand Hotel President for two weeks and have 26 guests joining us which was way more than we expected. We're sending out guests to the Foreigners Club to have a drink while we have our bride and groom portraits done and then the reception is at Sassi Nerano, the sister restaurant of Relais Blu (the BBQ menu did it for us!). 

    We've been doing it on a budget, but have still spent more than we originally planned (mainly due to more guests wanting to come). I got my Maggie Sottero dress in an end of line sale for 1/3rd of its original price. We're taking our own photographer over as I wasn't impressed with the quality of photographers/price I found in the area. We're taking our wedding favours over with us. And my h2b is a graphic designer so he's done all the stationary. 

  • Hi

    I've just returned home after a week in Sorrento. we're planning to marry in June 2014. We had a look at the cloisters and saw a couple of weddings. It's quite rustic (think crumbling walls!) but that adds to the charm image

    I went with the idea of booking the foreigners club as this seemed the cheapest but still with great views. It definitely has the view, but looks a bit grubby as you walk in, and you also need to walk through a tourist office area. We spoke to a chap there who showed us an area which could be sectioned off for us (we're expecting 50-60), but to be honest I would be careful about booking the foreigners without seeing it. It definitely wasn't right for us, especially after seeing some other venues which are pretty much the same price menu wise. It is really close to the cloisters, literally around the corner, so we were pretty disappointed. 

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