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I'm after some advice/tips from brides to be or brides that have recently got married abroad. I want to do my own make-up so i look like me and don't like to be caked in make-up. Anyone have any suggestions which make-up is good in the heat and great for photo's too.....any help appreciated. I don't usually like powder as i ocassionally get Eczema on my face and makes it look worse so liquid foundation is usually better.

Thanks image


  • adelly2005adelly2005 Posts: 194
    Hello! I recently got married in Vegas and did my own makeup - as you can see here...

    I used MAC make up on the day and it was fab, really recommend it. I had 2 make up lessons with them at the counter, as I was confident doing my own but wanted to pick up some hints and tips, which I did! I have oily skin so they tailored the foundation around that and I showed them what looks I liked and they showed me how to recreate it. My make up lasted all day, I didn't do any touch ups!

    Other brands that seems popular for wedding make up are Laura Mercier, Chanel, bobbi brown, YSL. Quite a few of them offer lessons or you could always ask for samples and test them out.

    I also definately recommend using a Primer whatever your skin type. It creates a really lovely smooth base for applying makeup and helps it stay put. Hope that helps! image
  • Thanks adelly for your reply. Your pics and beautiful, i love your dress.

    I will go in search for a MAC counter and maybe get a make-up lesson too image

    Thanks for the advice

  • I am using chanel, as i use them anyway for my everyday makeup and for me it is fab! image you should check a few out, MAC, chanel, Clinique, YSL and make up is different on everyone. Get a few free make overs and see which one suits you best and feels great on you image xxx
  • Thanks Santorinibride, i will definately get some samples and see what suits me. Thanks x
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