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What time is/was your ceremony? Particularly Santorini Brides

Hi girls,

Just wandering what time you are all having your ceremonies at?

I am trying to decide, my Wedding planner has suggested six or half six so i can get the sunset photos in afterwards but not sure if this would be to late?! xx xx


  • Jokaty82Jokaty82 Posts: 1,908
    I was a Cyprus bride rather than Santorini, but I got married at 4pm on the 28th May. We didn't have Sunset photos, just beach photos. You can have a look at my report and see them. I thought these were just as nice as the sunset ones. If we had sunset ones then I would have had to leave my guests during dinner, and we didn't want that.

    All I will say is I wish I had got married at 3pm. I know its only an hour, but the day and evening went so quickly. I think 3pm would have been the best time, as wouldnt have to get ready too early, but would have lots of time to mingle with guests, have a nice dinner and then dance and party xx
  • heliganedenheliganeden Posts: 1,848
    We're getting married in Cyprus and our ceremony will be 4pm image
  • Thanks Ladies! xxx
  • MrsH_2bMrsH_2b Posts: 110
    Well I'm a cyprus bride and am getting married at 3PM, did originally want it at 4PM due to the heat(July hot hot hot, don't really think an hour would make much diff to this say that 6PM is too late just because your not going to have much of the day left. If you wanted sunset photos though I'm sure you could go off to have these done later. xxx
  • Mine is at wedding planner suggested that timing as it will time with the sunset for pictures. I am getting married in Santorini June 21st 2013.
  • Thanks everyone! image I think i am going to go with 5:30 for mine,!! image

    MrsAtkinsontobe have you got a photographer arranged for yours?? where abouts in Santorini you getting wed?

    I cant wait! image xx xx
  • Yes, we have a photographer. His name is George Galanopoulos and was recommended by our wedding planner. We are heading over to Santorini in November and will meet with him then.

    Our ceremony is at Santo Winery and our reception is at Pyrgos Restaurant. What about you? x
  • lhowell2blhowell2b Posts: 15
    We are getting married in 32 days in Santorini, cant wait.

    We went for 6pm as it will be a little cooler and wanted sunset pictures. Also we didnt want to be rushed with the actual ceremony so by going for 6pm we know that no one will be after us so we can take as long as we need with the photos and enjoy the setting.

    I must admit i was worried we wont have much of the day, but we are planning on going long into the evening and then we have a boat trip booked for two days after to carry on the celebrations

    Lisa x
  • tjsuttontjsutton Posts: 21

    We're getting married May 29th next year in Santorini at Santo Winery. I wasn't really sure which time to say for the ceremony but we've gone for 4pm!! image
  • Thanks girls,! image

    I am getting married at Santa Irene and reception and Theros Bar on May 30th, so im a day after you tjsutton!! image

    I think i will probably go for 5:30 for mine, Yeah like you ihowell2b i was worried about having it all late evening but we have our reception venue till 3 in the mornin to party image

    At least there will be no rush to get ready lol!!...

    Where are you girls all staying? Have you booked your hotels? xx xx
  • lhowell2blhowell2b Posts: 15
    I am staying at the Aegean Plaza in Kamari as i think this will suit all the ages in the wedding party. Santorini is a beautiful island, i cant wait. We are actually flying a photographer over with us from the UK to capture the scenery.

    If anyone has any questions just ask

    Lisa x
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