A few New York questions.

Hi there,

I am sorry to post if there is already a thread about this but I am new to all of this and can't find one if there is! We have set a date to get married in New York April 2014 (I know this is ages away yet), but I can't help but plan already! I was just wondering if anyone had used any of the wedding planning agencies in NYC, I have seen a few where they take care of booking, paperwork etc but I am nervous about choosing the right one. So far I have looked at:

American Sky Weddings

Big Apple Weddings

Ultimate USA Weddings

Dream Weddings

Was just wondering if anyone had any experience of using their services or if these things are just as easy to do alone!

We are planning on sending out 'save the dates' towards the end of this year and then booking things when we have a clearer idea of how many will be attending.

Thanks for your help.

Lucy x
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