Budget wedding abroad for 5???

Hi ladies

I need some help & dont know where to start,

so i got married july 2010, hubby & i thought the day its self was awful & didnt enjoy it one bit after everything going wrong image So we have decied that we would like to renew our vows next july on a beach somewhere hot, Just us, our son, my mum & dad!

Any suggestions would be great, around £2500 is that realistic???


  • fawny2fawny2 Posts: 174

    Hi Lucy,

    Sorry to hear your day was no what you wanted, thats really sadimage  I think it's a great idea to do it all again & make it really special.  If it's just the 5 of you then you should be ok with that budget.  Is there anywhere you have been on holiday that you have loved or is really special to you?  Thats how we choose Lindos as it was the 1st place we went together & love it so much we go every year.  There are many Greek islands, Cyrpus, Malta you could look at where you could have lovely beach weddings.


  • I would love to get married in Barbados or jamaica but certainly dont think r budget would stretch that far lol so im thinking either Cyprus, Turkey or Malta

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