Mauritius brides? 2013

Hi image I'm new to this forum. I wondered if there was any brides on here who have got married at the Heritage Awali in Mauritius or are getting married? It'd be lovely to chat with you and hear about your wedding image Sarah x


  • Hi Sarah

    I am getting married there in May 2013 - would love to chat to someone in the similar position.


  • sel00187sel00187 Posts: 26
    Hi Louise image Ahhhhh not long before me! Are you getting excited? I want to go now, all the reviews sound fantastic. Who did you book with?

    Sarah x
  • Hi,

    I’m getting married in Mauritius in Oct 2013. I’m in the process of narrowing my choices down but Heritage is one of my favourites. It would be great to chat with our b2bs about what you are planning and maybe we can exchange ideas.


  • zippy2zippy2 Posts: 4


    Im getting married in November 2013 at the Shandrani image

  • aure_caure_c Posts: 3

    Hello futur Brides,,

    I'm a futur bride too, still working on it though..image image But I'm from Mauritius. image

    Actually my cousin just got married and  I was the bridesmaid..image a pretty good but challenging, I dealt with most of the Wedding preparation and got to know several wedding planners,videographers and photographers. If you want some infos or some tips, just ask,,image. This gonna help me for my weddding too..image


  • Jemma23Jemma23 Posts: 4

    Hey, I'm getting married at the heritage in November 13! I don't know if I'm coming or going! How is everyone getting on??

    jemma x

  • Hi,Lovely to hear about some other Mauritius brides!

    jemma - My wedding is in Nov in Blue Bay but I was very tempted by Heritage (and sometimes even wonder if I made the wrong decision!) 

    Am finding it all a bit stressful too! I’ve still not chosen a colour theme for my wedding and its partly because I’m unsure what kind of flowers will be available. I’d prefer something tropical and local rather than imported from abroad (I keep getting encouraged to go for roses). Any ideas about what is likely to be available? I’m quite a minimalist bride so the colour will mainly be in the flowers and the flowergirl dresses with just a few accents on the table decorations.

    I really like yellow frangipiani but as we’re getting married on the beach, I’m worried yellow and white won’t stand out.

  • Jemma23Jemma23 Posts: 4

    I'm so glad you said your stressed because so am I!! Just want it to be perfect!

    I've chosen nude for my bridesmaid so that I can have what ever flowers suit! im not sure what flowers are going to be in season then but they have sent me picture samples of all sorts such as gerberas, roses, orchids,birds of paradise etc!

    I'm a gonna be brave and not set my heart on anything until we're there!

    where are you getting married?

  • Hi Jemma,

    It can be very stressful can’t it! Especially when everything has to be done long distance! When I’m being (sane and) rational – I know I need to be prepared to be open to ideas and just see what’s available when I’m out there but at other times, I get a bit fixated and start trying to plan way too much!  

    I’m getting married on a little island just off Mauritius on the south east coast. It’s owned by the Lux resort company. I thought it sounded very romantic but as there isn’t actually a hotel on the island (it’s incredibly small) it’s started to get a bit tricky organising all the different aspects (hair, where to get ready etc).

    Are you having family going out with you or is it just your fiancé and you? We’re only managing to get a small group of people out there so it will be quite a small wedding although I do have some family living in Mauritius, so that will push numbers up a bit.

    Thanks for the tips on the flowers!

  • DrunnerDrunner Posts: 23

    Hi ladies,

    I'm also getting married in Mauritius in October 2014, but cant choose between the Maritim in the north, and the Heritage Awali. The Heritage has more stuff to do, but both have good & not so good reports. I just can't decide!

    How is everyone getting on with their planning?

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